AC Moore Gift Card

AC Moore Gift Card: How to Buy, Activate and Check Balance!

In this gift card guide, we’ll show you all the ins and outs of making the most out your AC Moore gift card.

Let’s dive into all the aspects of gift cards from AC Moore brand.

Where to get AC Moore gift card?

Getting a gift card from AC Moore can be done in one of three ways:

  • In store at a cash register.
  • Online through their website.
  • Over the phone by calling 1-800-833-3267

Now that we’ve got the gift card, let’s go shopping!

How to activate AC Moore gift card?

To activate gift card online, go to their gift card page and follow the instructions there. To activate gift card in store or over the phone, simply tell a cashier you want to add gift cards to your purchase (or call 1-800-833-3267, press “1” for gift cards).

Choose how much to add to gift card AC Moore

While adding gift cards to a purchase, the AC Moore cashier will provide instructions on where to press to choose how much of that gift card goes onto your purchase. You can choose a dollar amount from $10-$500. If you select an amount from $5-$9.99, it will automatically be rounded up to the nearest $10.

AC Moore gift card limitations

Before shopping at AC Moore with gift cards, it is important to understand their gift card limitations. The gift cards themselves do not have any spending limits.

However, gift cards are capped at being used for a maximum of 10 transactions in one day, for a total of no more than $500. This means you cannot make a single purchase for more than $500 with gift cards, regardless of how many gift cards you add or gift cards’ denominations there are.

AC Moore gift card expiration

There is no expiration date on gift cards from AC Moore. However, each gift card can only be used a maximum of 10 times in a 24-hour period. If gift cards are not used in 24 hours, gift card transactions will be declined by the gift card system.

How to use AC Moore gift card?

When checking out at AC Moore, gift cards cannot be used as a form of payment. Instead, gift cards should be added to your purchase like cash or credit card.

Now that we’ve got the gift card, let’s go shopping!

AC Moore gift cards can be used both in person and online at However, gift cards cannot currently be used on the mobile version of their website, so it is preferable to shop in store or on the desktop version of their website instead.

How to check AC Moore gift card balance?

To check gift card balance at AC Moore, you will need to ask a cashier. No gift card balance inquiry option is available online, in store or on the mobile version of their website.

Where to sell AC Moore gift card?

If you have gift cards that are taking up space, consider selling AC Moore gift cards instead. You can sell gift card for cash at, which will give you up to 92% of the value depending on the condition of your gift card.

To conclude, AC Moore gift card is a gift card given to the customer upon purchase and can be used on future purchases. A gift card can also be purchased for someone else as a gift. There are no fees associated with using an AC Moore gift card, but if the gift card is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced.

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