Photography is now a name of art, an emotion, someone’s passion or even hobbies. Where Pinterest teaches us to portray our life aesthetically, Instagram asks us to flaunt our luxury. But no matter what you do, where you go, eat or enjoy, you don’t forget to take picture to keep them as a souvenir.

Though, in 1974 the photographs were quite different from now and to create a creative hobby Adorama started its journey in New York City and got known as ‘The Photography People’. That was the beginning and now everyone knows them for their exclusive gadgets, brands and technologies. And now, to keep pace with the tech-savvy world, they have launched their gift cards to make your shopping experience much easier.

But first, you need to check out what they are serving us with this new item. Here are some answers to those questions that you might get before investing in their gift cards.

Adorama Gift Card

Where to get Adorama gift card?

To purchase an Adorama gift card, you have to visit their official Adorama website. Though it comes in both physical and digital form, it’s only available on Adorama website.

Usually, it’s available in amount of $25 to $600, but you can even get as much you wish within $1000. But unfortunately the card is only accessible in the USA, and they don’t ship the card internationally.

How to activate an Adorama gift card?

Generally, the gift card activates right away. The digital confirmation email, which includes a unique number and pin, is supposed to arrive within 24 hours. But the physical one takes at least 2 working days to be delivered via mail.

How to use the Adorama gift card?

You must provide the gift card number to the cashier during the checkout process if you are making an in-store transaction. Furthermore, you must select the gift card as your payment option throughout the checkout process when making an online purchase.

Following that, you must pay by credit card if the amount of your desired item is more than the amount of your gift card.

How to check the balance of Adorama gift card?

You can check the balance of your gift card or card number at their shop or store counter, or you can phone the support department at 800-223-2500 and ask whether you can check the balance of your card. After entering card information, you will get to know about your balance over the phone.

Furthermore, the card’s remaining balance is indicated on the shopping invoice. You can also access their balance check webpage. To access the card balance, you must enter the card number and pin from the back of your card below.

How to send an Adorama gift card to someone?

If you want to send the Gift Card to someone else, simply enter the recipient’s name and postal address in the appropriate sections. And you can just insert the recipient’s email address in the required box to send it digitally.  You may also provide a personalized message on your behalf.

When will it expire?

Fortunately, this card has no expiration date. However, they recommend redeeming your card as soon as possible because they may modify its functionality.

Where to sell the gift card?

Luckily, you can resell your unused gift cards on their official Adorama website. You can just simply check out their website where they keep a separate section to resell your unused gadgets and items. You can also sell out your unused gift cards on these sites.

Adorama is dedicated to providing you with the best in photography, filmmaking, music, technology, and more. And with this motto, now they are offering us the best gift cards with some of the best features you can expect.

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