“Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly” – Aesop believes in this famous quote by Saint Francis de Sales. And with this belief, they started a journey to introduce the world to the esthetical luxury of organic skin care.

Starting in Melbourne in 1987, when people were hardly attracted to skin care, they are now ruling with 178 flagship stores in 24 countries. Since, this aesthetic skin care boutique is a paradise for many skin care junkies, it is offering us an opportunity to surprise our closed ones with some amazing gift cards. And this gift card is something more for skin care junkies nowadays.

So, if you are one of those who would die for their amazing products, here are some attributes you need to go through before investing in their gift cards.


Where to get an Aesop gift card?

Actually, their website only provides the digital card, where the physical one is available at their stores.

Although, these cards are only accessible in particular countries. It means you can’t purchase it from Aesop US if you’re residing in Australia.

How to activate Aesop gift card?

Usually, the gift card activates immediately after purchase, whether you get it through online or in-store. The digital confirmation mail is supposed to be delivered within 12 hours with a specific number and pin.

How to use an Aesop gift card?

When you acquire this digital gift card, you get a specific code. The gift card recipient can use this code at checkout to deduct the value of the gift card from their shopping total.

However, for the physical version, provide the gift card to the cashier while billing at your local Aesop store.

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How to check Aesop gift card balance?

You can check your gift card balance on their websites. You are supposed to have a unique gift card number and pin code, whether it is digital or physical.

Thus, simply enter this information into the requested space on their website, and your balance will be shown.

How to send an Aesop gift card to someone?

Well, it’s quite easy to send the digital gift card to your loved ones. Put the receiver’s email address to the specific area, and you can even put your personalized message to send with your card.

Hopefully, it will be sent to your favorite people within 12 hours. Since the physical one doesn’t have any delivery policy, you need to buy them from their stores and send it personally.

When will it expire?

Generally, digital gift cards purchased on the Aesop United States website do not have an expiration date. You can indulge in their wonderful natural items whenever you wish.

Where to sell Aesop gift card?

Unfortunately, you can’t resell the Aesop gift card to any websites as for now. However, you can sell your unwanted Aesop gift card at 3rd party gift card stores.

Gifts always deliver happiness to your loved ones. And, while it comes to sending a gift card that too from the most luxurious boutique, none can be disappointed at all. But if you are someone who’s not expecting from someone then don’t be shy and treat yourself with the best glow you can ever have with Aesop’s nature treatment.

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