What is the perfect idea for a movie date?

Well, if you ask me, it would be munching over my favorite snacks with a large chilled beer while goofing around with horror. And if you’re one of us who can’t imagine a great movie without pizza and a large chilled beer, you must visit ‘Alamo Drafthouse’ once in a lifetime. Because they don’t only believe in serving a good movie but also in treating you with some good food.

As a result, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has been known as the best cinematic experience in the world for over two decades. And now they have introduced some amazing Gift Cards to make your movie experience better than ever. So before you grab these amazing gift cards, here is the list of things that you must know about.

Alamo Drafthouse

Where to get an Alamo Drafthouse Gift Card?

The best place to purchase an Alamo Drafthouse Gift Card is from their official website, Drafthouse.com. It’s available in both plastic and electronic formats. And you can even customize your card with a message, greetings or picture to gift someone. It’s available in amount of $25 to $150, and they may have some exciting deals on their gift cards.

However, you can buy it from your nearest Target store or Amazon store as well. In addition, it’s also available on popular gift card buying platforms.

How to activate Alamo Drafthouse gift card?

Generally, the digital one is sent after activation by an email within 24 hours. If it hasn’t been sent within this particular time, you need to connect with their customer support.

Although the plastic gift card usually takes 1 to 2 working days to be shipped anywhere in the United States and gets activated itself.

How to check the balance?

To check the balance of your gift card, you need to visit http://drafthouse.com/giftcards or call their customer support. The number is 1-888-549-8959.

Where to use this gift card?

This card can be used at any Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. You can use it to buy their tickets, food, beverages and even their merchandise. In addition, they are redeemable for booking tickets through their website.

How to use the Alamo Drafthouse gift card?

In order to use the gift card online, you need to visit their website, Drafthouse.com. And during the checkout procedure, choose “gift card” as your payment option. Enter the number on your gift card as well as the pin.

However, for the plastic gift card, you can simply buy your tickets from their locations and provide the gift card during the billing process.

How to send Alamo Drafthouse gift card to other?

The plastic card can be sent easily by providing the receiver’s name and mailing address. Hence, you just need to put the receiver’s email address to send the digital one instantly, or you can even pick a future date to send it someone.

In order that, you will get a notification that your digital gift card has been sent to the other person. You may even have a customized message and pictures on the card to be sent on your behalf.

When will it expire?

Luckily, this card has no expiration date, but they will suggest you redeem your card as early as possible since they might change its functionality.

Where to sell unused Alamo Drafthouse gift card?

Nowadays, you can find many websites to resell your unused gift cards for a good deal. Some renowned websites are Gift Cardio, Raise, Gift Card Granny, CardCash, EJ Gift Cards etc. And you can also sell them on Amazon.

Therefore, movies are something that never fail to amaze us. And this Alamo Drafthouse gift card is something more to brighten up your days.

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