Dresses have the ability to speak for you before you open your lips. Not only that, but a nice outfit may always brighten your day. And Aritzia understands just what you need to show off your inner beauty.

They have everything that will make you look more attractive, from contemporary apparel to vintage clothes. Not only that, but Aritzia is now offering incredible gift cards to enhance our buying experience.

So, before you invest in their gift cards, here are some frequently asked questions.

Aritzia Gift Card Guide

Where to get an Aritzia Gift Card?

Their physical Gift Cards can be found at any Aritzia location, aritzia.com or any gift card buying platform. However, you can order as many as you want and send them to as many individuals as you would like, but you cannot spend more than $1000.

How to activate an Aritzia Gift Card?

In most cases, the gift card is activated immediately. The digital confirmation email, which contains a number and pin, is expected to arrive within 24 hours. The physical one, on the other hand, takes at least two working days to arrive through mail.

How to use the gift card?

This card is applicable at any Aritzia, Tna, Babaton, Wilfred, Super WorldTM, or Aritzia store location. You cannot, however, use your USD-denominated gift card in Canada or your Canadian-denominated gift card in the United States. If you have a physical gift card, you will find a four-digit pin hidden under a silver scratch-off patch.

When making an online purchase, all you have to do is enter this PIN in the required sections; however, you can simply show the card to the cashier whenever making an in-store transaction.

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How to check the Aritzia Gift Card balance?

Their websites allow you to check the balance of your gift card. On the back of your card, you should find a unique gift card number and a pin code. Simply input this information into the appropriate field on their website, and the account will be disclosed.

How to send a gift card to Someone?

You can send a gift card to anyone in the United States in a matter of seconds. By entering their postal address and contact information, you can ship the printed card to them.

When will the gift card expire?

The amazing thing about their cards is that they will never expire, so you may use them anytime you want to brighten your day by buying from their fabulous collection.

Where to Sell the Aritzia Gift Card?

Though it would be quite unrealistic if you want to let off their amazing collections by not using the gift cards, you can sell out the gift cards on some popular websites specially accustomed to reselling gift cards. Raise is one of the most reliable one, or you can even sell them out on Cardswap and GiftCardio.com.

Gifts are always a source of joy for your loved ones. And, when it comes to sending a gift card, especially one from the greatest exclusive boutique, no one can be dissatisfied. But if you’re not expecting anything from anybody, don’t be hesitant about treating yourself to the finest sheen you’ve ever had with Aritzia.

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