Beauty is something that cannot be bought from anywhere until you find them in yourself. But certainly, you can feel beautiful from inside when you are taking care of it on outside.

But what if this care costs something more than money? If it’s costing your environment? I am pretty sure, you are not feeling beautiful after knowing the cost of your beauty products. But Aveda thought about your concern and made 100% environment friendly beauty products which are making us feel pretty without guilt From hair care to skin to make up, you name it and you will find the best beauty product on Aveda.

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So if you know someone who feels pity on this innocent animals, this vegan beauty company is serving us with an amazing gift card to make ease on our beauty haul. But before we dig in, there are some points you need to know about their gift cards.

Where to get an Aveda gift card?

Let me tell you they only provide a digital gift card which is  available on their official Aveda website. But you can also find them on those popular websites which are special for gift cards, or you can even buy them from any reselling website.

However, purchasing through their official website is always the ideal alternative, as it may help you avoid any unfavorable conditions. You may buy them in a range from $25 to $250, but you can buy as many as you want.

How to activate the gift card?

Generally, the digital gift card gets activated within a minute. But before you forget your anniversary, you can schedule the gift card for the right occasion. Though printed ones may take at least three business days to reach by mail, so order them at least a few days ahead of time.

How to use an Aveda gift card?

You can utilize their gift cards at Aveda Experience Centers,, partner salons and spas, and even by contacting 800.644.4831.

To use their card online, you will have to visit, choose the products you wish to buy, and then click “checkout.” Afterwards, on the Billing page, enter your Gift Card number and PIN code, as well as a valid credit card number.

Your credit card will be debited the remaining balance if the total amount of your order exceeds the total value of your Gift Card. Before any payment is charged to your credit card, the whole value of your Gift Card will be spent first.

How to send an Aveda gift card to someone?

Since it is only available in digital form, the cards are so easy to present someone even if you’re away from them. You just need to put your favorite person’s email address and Aveda will deliver your love to them within a second.

How to check the gift card balance?

You can check your balance online at on the Gift Card page or even during the payment process if it contains a PIN Code. However, you can even contact 800.644.4831 to ask for anything regarding your gift card.

When will the gift card expire?

You would be so glad to hear that this card has no expiry date. So, now you can wait until your favorite items get stocked up.

Where to sell an Aveda gift card?

Unfortunately, you can not sell out your unwanted Aveda gift card on any websites right now. But actually, their products are so irresistible, and they have so many useful items that you can’t even let go off your Aveda gift card.

So, now that you know how easy it is to make someone happy with gift cards, don’t worry about any other gifts for her and place your purchase right away!

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