Do you love summer more than your ice cream? If it’s tough to choose one, then I believe you will love Bahama Buck’s even more. Because Bahama Buck’s serves something more than ice cream. And it’s flavored ice! The founder believed in flavorful summers, and thus invented a refreshment, recharging shaved ice with lots of flavors. And gradually they became so popular with their ice that now it’s ruling all over the US with 100 stores.

So, if you know someone who would love to crush ice, the Bahama Bucks gift card would be the most pleasant surprise gift for them.

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But before you indulge in their excellent gift cards, here are some queries you might have. So, let’s go over everything you need to know about this gift card.

Where to get a Bahama Buck’s gift card?

Their gift cards are always available on their official Bahama Buck’s website. And the most interesting part is their gift cards come with a unique vintage picture on it to make the card more fancy. But you can also find them on some popular websites which are especially known for gift cards, or you can even buy them from any reselling website.

But the best option is always to purchase from their official website, It may help you to avoid any unwanted circumstances.  Sadly, it comes at only $10 or $25 prices, but thankfully, you can buy as many as you want.

How to activate the gift card?

In most cases, the gift card is activated immediately. Within 24 hours, you should get a digital confirmation email with a unique number and pin. The printed one, on the other hand, takes at least two working days to arrive through mail.

How to use a Bahama Buck’s gift card?

It’s actually quite easy to use this gift card for purchasing anything from Bahama Buck’s store or from online. All you need to do is to show the printed gift card to the cashier during the checkout process while making a physical transaction.

However, while making transactions from a digital one, whether you are purchasing from or from stores, you must choose the gift card as your payment option during the checkout process. Following that, you will be requested to enter the gift card number and the bill is paid!

How to check the gift card balance?

Their website has an option for checking the balance of your gift card. Check out the website and search for ‘Gift Card Balance’ option. Since you should have a specific gift card number and pin code, simply input this information into the appropriate field on their website, and your balance will be shown.

Moreover, you can also ask the cashier of Bahama Buck’s stores to let you know about the balance by providing necessary information.

How to send a Bahama Buck’s gift card to someone?

You won’t even need to take any hassle to send this beautiful gift card to someone special if they are in the United States. You can either mail the printed card by specifying their postal address and contact information or send the digital one through email in a matter of seconds.

When will the gift card expire?

Fortunately, these cards do not have any invalidity. So you can enjoy their tasty ice creams and desserts whenever you crave them.

Where to sell a Bahama Buck’s gift card?

Costco will be a good website for reselling your Bahama Buck’s gift card. You can sell out your unwanted gift cards at a good deal on this website. And you can even exchange the card for any other gift card on this website.

Ice cream is something that instantly makes you happy. And this flavored ice adds taste to your summer vacation. So, what could be more fun for your loved ones than a gift card to their favorite occasional treat?

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