From ancient times, Egyptian women who painted their faces to satisfy the gods to Roman women who prettied up themselves to appease one another, to the way we improve ourselves now, some women are conscious of the influence that makeup possesses, while others are not.

Some women regard it as a total makeover, elevating their confidence, while others who wear it religiously may consider it as just a regular cosmetic regimen. Let’s be honest: ladies who like to “beat their faces” on occasion have positive motivations for applying makeup.

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And thus, Bare Minerals has dominated the makeup industry with their finest makeup products since 1995. And now they are offering you an amazing deal of gift cards to make your shopping experience much easier.

So first, let’s talk all about the features.

Where to get a Bare Minerals gift card?

To purchase a bareMinerals gift card, go to the Bare Minerals official website, or you can even visit their boutiques. Although it is accessible in both physical and digital formats, the digital one is only available on the bareMinerals website.

It is usually accessible in amounts ranging from $25 to $500, although you may acquire as much as you want for under $1000. Following that you can’t order more than 4 digital cards at a time. However, the card is only available in the United States, so they do not mail the card worldwide for now.

How to activate a Bare Minerals gift card?

In most cases, the digital one is delivered within 2-4 hours of activation through email. If it hasn’t been received within this time frame, you should contact their customer service. Although it normally takes 2 to 5 working days for the physical gift card to be mailed anywhere in the United States and get activated.

How to use a Bare Minerals gift card?

You can use the bareMinerals gift card at any Bare Minerals boutique or outlets and even at However, it’s only redeemable in the US and can’t be used at any bareMinerals retailers.

If you are making an in-store purchase, you must provide the actual gift card to the cashier during the checkout process. Simply show the cashier the digital Gift Card from your phone during checkout if you’re using it in-store.

Furthermore, anytime you make an online purchase, you must select the gift card as your payment option throughout the checkout process. Then you’ll be asked to input the barcode number from the email, and you’ll be allowed to finish the checkout process.

How to check a Bare Minerals gift card balance?

If you have the PIN for your gift card, you can verify the amount online at their website on the Gift Card page as well as during the checkout process. You can also dial the customer support number provided on their cards and inquire about your remaining amount.

How to send a Bare Minerals gift card to someone?

If you wish to send the Bare Minerals Gift Card to someone else, simply enter the recipient’s name and mailing address in the appropriate fields. To send it digitally, you just need to enter the recipient’s email address in the necessary field. You can have a customized message sent on your behalf as well.

When will a Bare Minerals gift card expire?

The beautiful thing about their cards is that they never expire, so you may use them whenever you wish to brighten your day by purchasing something from their fantastic inventory.

Where to sell a Bare Minerals gift card?

There are already a number of places where you can resell your unused gift cards for a good deal. Some well-known websites are Cardyard, Raise.

Bare Minerals is committed to providing you with the greatest cosmetics products available. With this slogan in mind, they are currently bringing us the greatest gift cards with some of the best features available.

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