It’s that ice cream is something more than just a snack or dessert. Trust me, ice cream always works as therapy. Whether you are crying over your breakup or stressing about your nosy boss, ice cream will never fail to uplift your day.

God may bless who came up with this heavenly innovation, but certainly we must name Ben & Jerry’s for their amazing ice cream delicacies.

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Since 1978, they have ruling all over the USA with their amazing collection of delectable ice creams. However, if you know someone who died from ice cream, you will surely be interested in their new gift cards.

But, before you spend your money on their fantastic gift cards, here are some questions you might have. So, let’s go through all there is to know about this gift card.

Where to get a Ben and Jerry’s gift card?

The authorized Ben & Jerry’s website is the perfect place to purchase one for yourself and your dear ones. However, it is only available in electronic form, and you can choose any sum up to $500.

How to activate a Ben and Jerry’s gift card?

The gift card is usually activated right away. However, the digital confirmation email, which includes a number and pin, should appear within 3-5 hours. If you haven’t gotten it within this time range, make sure to contact their customer support.

How to use a Ben and Jerry’s gift card?

When you buy this gift card, you will be given a card number and some special code. The gift card recipient can use this code at checkout at any participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop store in the United States to subtract the value of the gift card.

Furthermore, you can redeem this gift card for online orders by entering the information into their website.

How to check a Ben and Jerry’s gift card balance?

You can check the balance of your gift card on their website. Look for the ‘Gift Card Balance’ option on the webpage. As you should have a unique gift card number and pin code, just enter it into the relevant section on their website, and your balance will be shown.

Furthermore, you can request that the cashier at a Ben & Jerry’s store advise you of the balance by giving the relevant information.

How to send a Ben and Jerry’s gift card to someone?

In a matter of a few seconds, you can send a gift card to anybody in the United States. You can gift the e-gift card to them by providing their email address and contact details.

When will a Ben and Jerry’s gift card expire?

Fortunately, these cards do not have an expiration date, you can enjoy their delectable scoops anytime you choose.

Where to sell a Ben and Jerry’s gift card?

Considering their gift cards have no return or resell rules, you may sell your unused gift card on a website called Raise.

Ice cream is a wonderful treat that quickly makes you happy. So, what could be more enjoyable for your loved ones than a gift card of their favorite scoop hoops?

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