We’d have no idea what joy tastes like if no one discovered how to cook it. Thus, I’m quite confident that no one on the planet will be able to resist the most delectable meals ever created.

Bojangles is acutely aware of our desires and provides us with the most delicious meals imaginable. It’s hard to go wrong with Arby’s, which provides everything from the tastiest cajun-seasoned fried chicken to the buttermilk biscuits. To top it all off, they’re now presenting us to their incredible gift cards.

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Here are some often asked questions before enjoying with their wonderful gift cards. Therefore, let’s go over all you need to know about Bojangles gift cards.

Where to get a Bojangles gift card?

Gift cards are commonly expected to be available on the company’s website. However, this one is a little different. Their gift cards aren’t available on the company’s official website, but you can find them at well-known gift card resellers like Treat and GiftCardGranny.

But if you’re not sure where to find it, check out this article for some of the most popular gift card websites.

How to activate the gift card?

Traditional and digital gift cards are generally accessible immediately after purchase, regardless of the method used to acquire them. They will send a confirmation email to you within an hour.

In exceptional cases, the electronic card may be deactivated for up to a couple of hours. Postal delivery of the physical, on the other hand, may take up to two business days.

How to use a Bojangles gift card?

Unfortunately, you can only use the Bojangles’ gift cards for in-store purchases so the cannot applied to their website. By the way, it is quite easy to use the cards physically since all you need to do is to show the card to the cashier or provide the confirmation mail for a digital one.

How to check the gift card balance?

Simply visit their website to discover how much money you have left in your account. However, if you want, you may contact their customer service department by phone and give the essential information in order to receive information about your account’s remaining balance. Please check your gift card for the phone number.

However, you can even ask your cashier for your remaining balance while making payment with your gift card.

How to send a Bojangles gift card to someone?

Enter the name and postal address where you are asked to and it will be sent to your loved ones. See, how simple it is to put a smile on your favorite face! Alternatively, you can purchase the gift card now and have it shipped at a later date and time that you specify on the calendar.

When will the gift card expire?

The specialty of these gift cards is that they do not expire within five years of being purchased. Although the Bojangles may impose a maintenance fee after a period of inactivity of 12 months.

Where to sell a Bojangles gift card?

Raise and BuyBackWorld are both fantastic options for reselling your unused gift cards, and this post includes a list of more websites where you may trade in your undesired gift cards for a fair price.

So, now it has cleared all your doubts, don’t go for any other gifts to make your loved one smile. Certainly this one would be a great option if your beloved one loves Bojangles than any other thing.

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