In this era of capitalism, where brands only think about their own profit, there are some noble brands who put charity before their profit. Talking about Bombas, an apparel brand which is serving thousands of homeless people with a good amount of donations from their profit. And that is why, this brand is so different from any other companies in the USA.

However, this company is not only popular for their noble act, but also offers a wide range of fashionable clothing, socks, and other accessories. To make it more accessible to everyone in this country, now they are serving us some good deals of gift cards.

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So, let’s take a look at the new gift cards they have to offer.

Where to get a Bombas gift card?

You may purchase a digital gift card from Bombas directly through their website. However, it is currently available in digital form and is priced between $25 to $300.

Following that, you are limited to ordering a maximum of five digital cards at a time. However, since this card is only accessible in the United States, they are not currently emailing their digital card globally.

How to activate the gift card?

Whenever you buy a gift card, it’s usually activated right away. Since it is only delivered in your email, so you won’t even have to wait for long weeks to be shipped your card. You will get the confirmation mail within a day.

How to use a Bombas gift card?

You must pick a gift card as your form of payment during the checkout phase of an online transaction. Entering the 16-digit gift card number will then allow you to proceed to the checkout process.

Note that, gift cards cannot be used as payment if the value on them is less than the price of the item you want to buy.

How to check the gift card balance?

Checking the remaining balance on their official website is a breeze. Simply visit their website and navigate to the gift card balance page. Since the card has a unique gift card number and a pin code, you only have to do is simply input these information and you will see your remaining balance.

How to send a Bombas gift card to someone?

Given that Bombas exclusively sells digital gift cards, it would be effortless to send any digital card to your beloved one in the United States. All you have to do is add the receivers’ email addresses and personalize the message with your own. And in a matter of seconds, your digital card will be sent to your loved one.

When will the gift card expire?

There is nothing better than the fact that they never expire, which means that you can spend it anytime you need a little cheering up.

Where to sell a Bombas gift card?

A resale of their gift card is not possible at this time. If one of these websites launches soon, we’ll be all set.

So, now you know this gift card can be a great option to add in your list while shopping for your family, let’s not waste any time and dig into their trendy collections.

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