No matter how much we adore ourselves with fancy branded things, there is always some place for cute vintage handmade things. And in this Pinterest era, people tend to love these aesthetics more. Etsy is one of the most iconic e-commerce which made a vast marketplace for these vintage things and introduced us to many talented artists who created a magic with this aesthetics.

So, if you have someone who loves to adore these crafts and arts, you can certainly believe it on Etsy. Now they are also providing us with their unique gift cards, so you don’t even need to worry about their choices and blindly invest on their gift cards to present your special one.

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Let’s check out all the details you need to go through before purchasing.

Where to get an Etsy gift card?

Etsy gift cards are currently only available through the Etsy website. Their official website allows you to order a gift card. However, as they don’t have any physical retail stores, they didn’t keep their gift cards as a traditional plastic cards.

Alternatively, you can buy and present Etsy gift cards in digital format, which is emailed to the recipient, or you can print them out and give them as a physical gift. There are a variety of brightly colored gift card designs to pick from.

Etsy gift cards are available in amounts of $25, $50, $100, and $250. However, you can change the currency into euro, pound and Canadian or Australian dollars.

How to activate an Etsy gift card?

In most circumstances, the gift card is instantly activated. The digital confirmation email, which includes a number and pin, should arrive within a few hours. On the other hand, the actual version takes at least a few business days to arrive through mail.

How to use an Etsy gift card?

To use the Etsy gift card, you need to find a vendor who accepts the gift card as a payment option. Most of the vendors do accept this gift card. However, to redeem the printed one you will have to sign in your Etsy account and then go for the gift card page and click on’ Redeem a gift card’ option.

Following that, you will need to provide your 16-digit code, and then you should click the “Apply now” button.

The card amount will be added as a balance in your account.

How to check an Etsy gift card balance?

Firstly, you need to sign in to that account where you used your gift card or credit. You can access your gift card or credit balance after logging in. This balance will be applied instantly to any future purchases made at a shop that takes Etsy gift cards or Etsy Credits.

How to send an Etsy gift card to someone?

For sending the Gift Card to someone else, simply enter the recipient’s name and postal address in the appropriate sections. You can also add a unique note on your behalf, or buy the gift card now and schedule it to be delivered at a later time on the calendar.

When will an Etsy gift card expire?

Unfortunately, both the digital and printed cards usually expire after 48 months of purchase. So, if you are too lazy to redeem your gift card within this period, better luck for next time!

Where to sell an Etsy gift card?

Although it’d be impossible to expect them to let go of their incredible collections by not using the gift cards, you can sell them on several well-known websites that specialize in reselling gift cards. One of the most dependable of these websites is Raise.

In addition to providing you with the finest and most adorable items, Etsy promotes local artisans by bringing their work to a wider audience. Hence, you must opt for Etsy whenever you choose to buy something unique for yourself or a loved one. And now that you have this gift card, you can put your faith in them even more when it comes to picking a gift.

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