Free iPhone 7 Giveaway 2018! (and 4 Ways to Save Your $800)

iPhone is the most lucrative smart phone right now. What if I say you will get a free iPhone 7 just by pressing some buttons of your mobile or keyboard. Yah! It’s definitely not joke. There are several companies who are willing to provide brand new iPhone 7 for free, if you do provide them with quality testing service or survey information. Testing service is usually for the tech reviewers but going through survey offers for a brand new free iPhone 7 is open for all. Would love to know little bit more about iPhone 7? Check this down:

  • iPhone 7 weights only 138 gm and has dimension of 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm
  • Comes with 4.7 inch LED-backlit IPS LCD display
  • Has Apple A10 Fusion Quad-core chip-set of 2.34 Ghz
  • Comes with up to 256 GB Storage and 2 GB RAM
  • Has 12 MP ISO back camera and 7 MP HDR front camera
  • In addition all the latest version of tech specifications

Join Free iPhone 7 Giveaway 2018 

Are you ready to receive your brand new free iPhone 7? Then just follow the simple instructions to join the iPhone giveaway and you will be notified about every single step via Email. If you are still thinking why anyone should give you a iPhone 7 smart phone for free, then remember price of iPhone is nothing to the big companies who are arranging these giveaways. They are getting promotion and survey data from you and me.Then what's my profit? Advertising their products and offers are paying me. So without further time wasting, let's start the process of owing your Apple device. Join the giveaway by clicking the below button and will get rest of the instructions over there:  

Terms and Conditions for joining this iPhone 7 giveaway:
  • You must be US residence as per as mentioned by the offer provider.
  • Due do the government regulation your age must be 18 or above for this offer.
  • You can't provide false information while joining the giveaway. If you do so, you will be terminated.
  • You need to follow the given instructions as they are. 
Frequently asked question by our participants:
  1. Is this iPhone is given by the eGiftCardz?
    No, this iPhone 7 will be provided by the vendor. eGiftCardz is just promoting or hosting the offer.
  2. How my given personal data will be used?
    Protecting your personal data is the highest priority for the vendor and those data will be used to detect and prevent fraud activities.
  3. How the giveaway selection process works?
    Based on your given information and your completed tasks you will be scored and depending on that score you will be selected for this free iPhone 7 deal.
  4. How can I know if I am selected or not?
    You will be notified about every single step of this giveaway via the Email you will provide during the join.
  5. Is there any way to contact for more information?
    Yah sure, just visit our Facebook page eGiftCardz and make your query.
  6. Is this iPhone 7 giveaway offer affiliated by Apple?
    No, this giveaway contest is not affiliated, associated or promoted by Apple.  

Here goes 4 more Ways to Get iPhone 7 for Free:

1. Keep your eyes on TechBargains:
Tech Bargains is an amazing site to have information latest offers and discounts on tech related products. Being updated with this site can help you to get the right offer at the highest discount on your Apple device.

2. Join the giveaways of Youtubers:
Youtubers are the rising stars at this era. As a part of their promotion many Youtubers are doing iPhone giveaways just to subscribe and like their videos. So, it can be the easiest way to claim your Apple device free of cost. 
Some Youtube channels like Unbox TherapyLogan Paul VlogsTechnoBuffaloiCrackUriDevice etc. often run iPhone giveaway contest. 

3. Stay active on SlickDeals:
Slick Deals is the mother of all discounts, Yah literally. You can find all the offers under the sun in this one forum. So, join this forum and stay active for the proper discount of your desired iPhone device.

4. Wait for the right Event:
Sometime waiting for the right moment is the best way to get stuffs for free or at cheap price. Events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas etc. can be great occasions to see you device coming at lower price.

There are lots of giveaways going on over the internet but be careful while joining any of those because there are many fake contests as well. Please do make sure the authenticity of the giveaway before joining. If any contest is promising the iPhone or any other device with exchange of your information then mark my work it's fake. In case of any legit online giveaway and contests no one can give you guarantee to win.

I will be glad to know your opinion and thought on these giveaways and if you do have previous experience please do share that for other readers.

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