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15 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Sister in 2019 that will Made her Day!!!

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No matter how old you get and how many friends you make, the tag for your first friend is always for your sibling. And if it is a sister, you get the most beautiful blend of a friend and a parent. Let’s admit it no matter how much we fought with her at the end of the day she was the one who cared the most. And it is time we give her something back for some of it, as it is impossible to repay for it all.

So, how do we do it? The best option is gifting. It does not matter whether it is her birthday or not or if it is a special day for her or not. The idea here is to turn her otherwise regular day into an extraordinary one with a beautiful and thoughtful gift. And if in case it is already a special day for her then we must make it even more special with the gift. But I am not talking about regular gifting. I am talking about absolutely brilliant and out-of-the-box gift ideas for sisters here. No run-of-the-mill stuff. It’s time we make her feel as special as she is with a gift that makes her believe that we did put in some efforts.

I have already done the research so you need not put in too much effort. All you need to do is check out the list of gift ideas for sisters I have created and choose the one that you think would be the best gift for your sister.


#1. For The Sister Who Loves Books

Gifting a book to a book-lover is too regular. If your sister loves books, give her one that she can make her own. Gift her beautiful journal where she can creatively record the journey of her life. Reading her life’s story in a self-written book would be bigger than reading anything else. You can also buy her a necklace with an Alice in Wonderland kaleidoscope pendant to remind her of her childhood reading memories.

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#2. For The Sister Who’s A Super-Cook

If the best food you’ve ever had yet was made by your sister then you definitely know her not-so-hidden talent. While the best gift here would be cooking a meal for her, I suggest going a little low-key than that. If your sister likes cooking in her free time, she loves cooking. Take it from me because I don’t even cook when I’m starving. So it takes some special kind of love for it when done in free time. Coming back to the topic, the best gift for her would be a spice kit. You can also gift her indoor herb garden, where she can grow her own herbs for garnishing and cooking. Give her a chance to get all experimental in the kitchen and she will love you for it.

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#3. The Jewelry-Junkie Sister

Almost all sisters would come under this category. But again, we are not talking about the usual jewelry. We are thinking different this time. While we all know that each zodiac sign defines different characteristic, animal, color and what not. But did you know each has a particular flower too? And you can actually buy jewelry with dried flowers in accordance with your sister’s zodiac sign online. She would totally love the personalized effect to the gift. You can also gift her necklace that has a minimalistic zodiac design on it or a message behind it.

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Gift Ideas for Sister info

#4. The Techno-Goddess Sister

If your sister is a technology-freak, get her something that keeps her ahead of the game. Gifting her usual newly launched Smartphone is not the answer. Gift her LED word clock that displays whole words on a clock. This clock looks so much cooler than the usual. You can also gift her Smartphone vase that would hold her mobile at night in a position where she can use it easily without picking it up.

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#5. The Sister Who Loves Her Tea

There are millions of coffee gifts that have become so boring. So, we are not talking coffee today. We are talking tea. If your sister is a tea lover, gift her set of exotic tea samples from around the world. Make sure the packaging is beautifully done. And be prepared for a tea party with your sister soon. You can also gift her mug that lets her have tea on the go – a mug that just needs teabags and hot water.

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#6. The No-Whine, Just-Wine Sister

Probably the coolest of the lot, this sister has her priorities set. She loves her wine so think of a party wine gift and a silent wine session gift for her. For the party scenes, gifts her wine-dispensing tote bag. Trust me she will bless you for this amazing invention of a gift. And for a silent wine session that she would probably enjoy in her bath, gift her set of wine soaps.

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#7. The Fitness-Freak Sister

Whether she loves hardcore gym sessions, yoga, running or just being fit by dancing – gift her things that would make it easier and more stylish. Buy a hydration tracking water bottle for her so that she doesn’t get drained with all those exercises. Or you can also buy her a fitness bottle with phone holding sleeve to carry around in style.

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#8. The Expecting Sister

No, I am not talking about a sister who expects a lot. Because they all pretty much do. I am talking about a sister who is expecting a baby. While there are a number of unique things to gift her, and the best of it would be your time, buy a baby calendar for her. She can scratch off each day and learn something new about pregnancy.

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#9. The Sister Who Is Far Away

If your sister lives in another state and you miss her too badly, get her something to let her know exactly that. Get her a customized mug with both the states you live in water-colored on the mug and connecting you both by heart. It’s the cutest option I have come across.

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#10. The Busy-Bee Sister

Got a sister who is always running around, multitasking? With that amount of multitasking, the battery of her mobile must be draining constantly, I am assuming. Now, the best gift here won’t be a power bank, because come on she doesn’t have time even for that. The best gift for her would be a wristlet with a built-in charger. It’s like a game changer. Gift it to her and you will know.

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#11. The Sister With The Biggest Bag

We all have at least one lady in our life that has a big bag that is always full and always makes us wonder what is in it. If your sister is one of those ladies, do her the biggest favor and gift her handbag illuminator. With so many things in her bag, I can’t imagine her looking for and eventually finding anything on time. An illuminator and an automatic one at that will work like magic.

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#12. The Let Me Sleep Sister

If I was a sister, I would be this one. If your sister absolutely loves her sleep more than anything else, get her something that makes her sleep better. Gift her pillow with music to make her go to sleep without the task of plugging and unplugging headphones. Buy iMusic pillow for your sleep-loving sister.

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#13. The Outdoor Sister

If your sister loves going outdoors for picnics and sporting events, get her something that would keep her comfortable, as outdoors can get rough. Gift her portable reclining seat that she could carry around with ease and use wherever she likes – in a train, at a stadium, in a garden. It is also the perfect gift if your sister has some ailment that requires her to not get too tired. I am sure she would still want to go out and this portable seat would keep her comfortable whenever she wants.

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#14. The Sister Who Keeps It Light

We are all aware of the funny ones and the sarcastic ones are even better. If your sister talks sarcasm like a second language, get her a slogan tee shirt, so that people are aware of her talent when she enters the room. Gift her rolling my eyes tee shirt and watch her wear it with full pride.

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#15. The Sister With Wanderlust

This should be your favorite sister because she could tell you about so many travel experiences and even take you on trips with her if you be a good sibling. If your sister is an avid traveler, she would have almost every necessary thing that would help her travel better. A real traveler is always prepared for the best and the worst. What you can do is just add a touch of wanderlust to the home they come back to, to remind them to continue the journey. Gift your sister with itchy feet scratch off travel calendar. She can easily scratch off every place that she has already visited and have a mission to travel the whole world.

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So, there you go. I have given you 15 brilliant and unique ideas to buy gifts for your sister that would make her the happiest. Just one last tip, try getting it delivered to your own place. Meet your sister to give her the gift. Because for a sister no gift is bigger than meeting a sibling.

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