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17 Christmas Gifts for Boyfriend 2019: Surprise Him Instantly!!!

Boyfriends are the best buddies one can ask for! Don’t you agree? He is your staunch supporter yet the blunt critic. You can bicker or gossip to your heart’s content with him. Discuss just anything under the sun with him. Puke or poop, and boy he deals with it like a pro. We know it how you just forget being angry every time you look into his eyes. The way he holds you and makes you feel special. The man surely deserves the best of the world. Why wait for only birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas for gifting him something special? Just gift him when he least expects it. Curate a gift which leaves him spellbound. Curate a gift which would speak volumes about how much he means to you. In short, if you can, just spoil him crazy! Check out this list of some of the most unique gift ideas for boyfriend.

1. Gift him a gift card

Amazon gift card

What better way to surprise your boyfriend than giving him a gift of his favorite brand. It can be Walmart, Amazon, Target, Calvin Klein, GAP, Levi's etc. you name it. Just find out his favorite brand or type of stuffs he would like to buy then gift him a shopping gift card of $200, $500, $1000 or $2000 based on your wish. Gift card could be the best choice while you have no idea what to gift (may be because you already gifted all types of stuffs) your loving boyfriend.

2. Gift him an engraved docking station

Engraved docking station

Men love their things organised. They are literally minimalistic and very particular about their car keys, watches etc. Now, if one keeps flinging stuff here and there, they are bound to get lost. Save him some frustration and gift him this engraved docking station. A docking station would be a unique gift for boyfriend. You could choose a subtle wooden docking station with room for watches and car keys or go for the stainless steel ones. Varieties are endless but make sure you get them engraved with his initials or favorite quote. You could also opt for desk organizer cum docking station. A docking station should definitely be on the list of gifts for men.

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3. Gift him a luxury business gift set

Luxury business gift set

A man’s profession life is often a marathon of meetings. His work demands maximum of his time and the rest is dedicated to his sweet girlfriend. Meetings are hectic and you got to be presentation ready always. And presentation means a laptop, the charging cords, his phone, the charger, USB etc. Sounds a mess, right?? Help him unclutter the cords and extra accessory by gifting him this luxury business gift set that would save him some patience and lot of time. This set would be a fantastic gift for boyfriend or your man as the set includes a wireless mouse, a touch screen pen, a USB disk, a power bank and a set of universal charging cords. Amazing, right? This set pretty much has every device your man would like near him and could be a great birthday gift for boyfriend.

4. Gift him an engraved pocket knife

Engraved pocket knife

Every guy is an adventure junkie. You would often catch him driving off to a new place or trekking at a new area. He takes you along for fun and some quality time. You would find a pocket knife is a must have tool for men like almost always. They often encourage you to own one too. This Christmas, when you are searching gifts for him, pick a personalized pocket knife. These pocket knives are sturdy, of best quality and have a wooden finish on top. Get his initials engraved or his favorite adventure trips date etc.

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5. Gift him some personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry

He always deserves special. This birthday, pick out the list of creative gifts for boyfriend and gift him some customized personal jewelry as a token of your love for him. Get a ring customized with a special message inside of the ring. You could get a charm necklace with inspiring words for him etched onto the charm pendant. A lovely key chain customized with his initials would also make a pretty gift for boyfriend. Men love less bling, so keep the material in a matte metallic finish preferably.

6. Gift him a personal gym at home

Personal gym at home

Is your partner a fitness enthusiast? Men with time often end up missing on gym owing to less time. When looking for gifts for guys, fitness related items always work. Bring his gym to him by gifting him some basic gym equipments like resistance bands, abs roller, and push-up bars at home. Help him sustain his good habit and join him too. If he already owns a home gym, gift him the latest gear or equipment he still doesn’t have.

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7. Gift him whiskey stones gift set

Whiskey stones gift set

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of scotch? Men treasure their drinks. Their special collection of signature malt, scotch or wine is extremely special to them. Gift him this set of stainless steel or rock stones for his whiskey glass this Christmas. This set of stones is made of good food grade quality steel or soapstone which doesn’t corrode on chilling. A must have in every men’s collection and who would understand it better than you? Get your man a set now! Bar accessories are considered one of the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend. So, choose the one you like and he will definitely love it.

8. Gift him a collection of perfumes

Collection of perfumes

This Christmas, gift your man a collection of exclusive signature perfumes. Men love subtle tones like musk or David Off is every man’s favorite. He is going to love the range you put together for him. Shower him some love.

9. Gift him a drone camera

Drone camera

Tired of your boyfriend being busy with his phone or headphones mostly? Well don’t be, that is life to them. Of course, they love you crazy but they are crazier about cool tech stuff. Enjoy his madness and gift him something unique like the Quad-copter Drone camera to add to his collection. He will freak out, trust me when you surprise him with this baby. Men love it when their women know exactly what they want and this one comes in the list of the most unique gifts for men. Be the sass lady and give your man the edge. The crazy he plays with his new drone camera is going to be a fun ride with him. What better way to bond, eh?

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10. Gift him a dual breakfast sandwich maker

Breakfast sandwich maker

Show him some love by cooking up his favourite dishes. He adores it when you cook him delicious food within his macros. Now what about when you visit your mom? He would definitely not starve but buying outside food shouldn’t be the ideal option, right? Gift him a dual sandwich maker for sure this time. He might not find it appealing but boy wait till he whips up his own sandwich under minutes. He is going to love it and thank you a million. This dual sandwich maker is a great gift for boyfriend that teaches him to make his own healthy food. He can surely treat you with a special sandwich for lunch on weekends. You would love that, won’t you?

11. Gift him a beer cap map

Beer cap map

Now this one would make a unique and interesting gift for boyfriend. Gift him a Beer cap map and wait for his madness to begin. You bet he will make you get one for yourself. Ah, no! Not for your collection but to play a beer cap challenge with you. There will be so much more fun in the house with this unique gift. Why waste the caps, add it to your beer cap map now.

12. Gift him a Kindle


Looking for an anniversary gift for him? Does your man love reading? That just saves you from thinking for an out of the box gift for him. Gift him a kindle edition of his favorite books. Stock his library with the best of reads for him to read at his leisure. Pick some fiction, some horror, crime, mystery, fun and he will love owning such a special collection.

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13. Gift him his personal grooming box

Personal grooming box

Your man loves to style and that makes him irresistible, isn’t it? Some men just nail it when it comes to grooming and styling themselves. Oh! And of course you are floored every goddamn time. Make it a more personal experience for him by gifting him a complete luxury grooming box for him. A grooming box would make the perfect anniversary gift for boyfriend. This box contains grooming products for his hair, beard, face and body products with grooming tools. He is going to be quite amazed at the luxuriously you treat him. See him grinning ear to ear as he invests more in keeping himself groomed while you drool.

14. Gift him a gear kit for camping

Gear kit for camping

Men enjoy adventurous trips like hiking, camping, rafting expeditions. Whether they plan the trip solo or in group, it is important that he has all the necessary equipment and accessories with him. Gift him this camping gear kit on his birthday. The kit makes an excellent gift as it includes all necessary items like tent, sleeping bag, travel pillow and must have accessories. Now he plans a trip, you can be rest assured that he wouldn’t fall short of anything. The best part is you could use it to when you are planning a fun adventure trip for yourself.

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15. Gift him a car mount holder

Car mount holder

Guys love travelling and driving. The local roads are often a cake walk to them. However, one can’t ignore the fact that it is better to trust navigation when driving to a new locality or place. No one would prefer checking the phone and driving a few miles and repeating the same. It is not only distracting but also very time consuming. Gift your man a car mount holder this festive season. It might seem not so ideal a gift but trust me you are gifting him a safe ride. Getting distracted checking routes on phone every now and then would make him prone to accidents. Now he can use the car mount to keep his phone and check the navigation at his eye level. He can easily follow the routes without losing focus on the road. You can also opt for the magnetic one which is a much smarter version.

16. Gift him an emergency road assistance kit

Emergency road assistance kit

Although your man is a cautious driver and safety is his priority, someone needs to look after his safety too. When you take trips together, you must have wondered about the what ifs on a road, right? What if the car broke down, he would be stuck without any help. Save such trips from turning into a nightmare for all. Gift him this Emergency Road Assistance Kit for his car. This would be an ideal gift for him any given day. After all, nothing is more important than the well being and safety of our loved ones.

17. Gift him a leather watch box

Leather watch box

Men love flaunting their watches. They own a few exclusive timepieces which they are proud of. What better than getting him a case for his watches? Gift him a pure leather watch case for him to keep his watches in style. He is going to love this one!

Boyfriends adore it when you gift him his favourite bottle of whiskey or sent him on a surprise holiday trip but most of all they value you as you are. They respect you as a person with your beauty and the flaws alike. They love it when you value yourself. They feel guided when you teach them new things. They admire the fact that you stand strong for him. He commits to you and keeps his responsibility. You are special to him for the strong, determined person he knows. Give him every bit of that love and respect back. Adore him for who he is, hold his hands and walk with him. Stay by him and together you can win any situation.

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