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17 Christmas Gifts for Dad 2019: Make Him Proud of You!!!

While moms are doting, dads teach you to live life like a boss. Dads are the best buddies be it stealing cookies or napping for hours. Life with dads are fun with caution. They could be the fiercest of protectors when the world’s eyeing you bad. The local boys harassing you or your mom scolding you, trust your dad to take care of it. How? Don’t ask. We all have our share of not to disclose crazy incidents with our dads. Dads toil for us to make our lives better. You want something and he makes sure you have it. Fathers play an immense role in our lives. Mothers are always around us but our fathers are the superheroes. You don’t see them a lot but he is never missing when you need him. Dads team up with you to play pranks, teach you games, put up with your tantrums. Dads don’t get to be around much owing to their work. They make it count by always being your staunch supporter in everything you do.

Dads deserve the best gifts one could think of. Dads too let go of the boys they are to be a responsible parent to you. Gift your dad his desires this Christmas. You would find a child who still loves his gadgets, headphones, wardrobes, everything classy in short. Now a handsome man rules it in style. Let’s look at some of the best gifts for dad this season.

1. Gift him a Kindle

Amazon Kindle

Dads read a lot. Their lives are revolving around scores of papers in office. For home, gift him a kindle this Christmas. Kindles are the best gift for dad, easy to carry and expandable memory space allows one to keep as many books one wants. Each kindle variation has some special features and light adjustments which would make a for one of the best Christmas gifts for dad.

2. Gift him an outdoor grill

Outdoor grill

An outdoor grill is the perfect gift for dad. Dads love grilled meat, sausages with their whiskey. Gift him this outdoor grill which is portable and easy to handle. This grill will be his personal possession and he can happily cook for his friends. Invest in a sturdier one as a wide variety with multiple features are available. What better than hot grilled steak in winters, won’t you agree?

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3. Gift him fitness shoes

Fitness shoes

If your dad is already a fitness lover, then running shoes are one of the best gifts for him. Even if he is not into fitness, you should gift him a pair of running shoes as an encouragement. So, it pretty much works both ways. Choose a special occasion to gift him the shoes - it could make for a great Father’s Day gift.

4. Gift him a decanter set

Decanter set

This whiskey decanter with two whiskey glasses is one of the most a cool gift for dad. What makes it a unique gift for dad is that you can personalize it for gifting him. Get his name etched or a bad ass quote for him. Dads love their malt and he would be super happy to receive his own personalized decanter set with glasses. Let him enjoy his favorite drink with friends.

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5. Gift him a signature perfume

Signature perfume

Men love flaunting too but prefer subtle class to their style. They let their perfume state their mood. Gift him an exclusive signature perfume set to add to his collection. This would make one of the most unique gifts for dad this Christmas. Dads love perfumes and love using it according to their mood. Check his collection and buy him the one he wishes to add to his collection. He would be beaming with pride when he uses it because you gifted him.

6. Gift him a personalized grooming set

Personalized grooming set

Amidst the mundane routine for life, he surely needs to spend some quality time with himself. Gift him a personalized shaving and grooming set for himself this Christmas. This grooming set includes a complete pack of tools, a set of creams and lotions for grooming and shaving. Let him enjoy pampering himself with this set gifted by you. When he preps himself up and flaunts the stylish beard, you would be nothing but proud.

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7. Gift him a sofa chair lounger

Sofa chair lounger

Old age creeps with its bounty keeping the old man tired and weary. He is still willing to fight the world for you but you need to make sure that doesn’t break him down. Gift him a cushion sofa this festive season. This recliner sofa cushion would make a unique gift for dad. He can easily carry the sofa. It’s foldable, lightweight and can be adjusted to five different positions as per your comfort zone. This gift is ideal to be keep outdoors, in the patio or place it where one wishes to relax and chill.

8. Gift him a pair of snow boots

Pair of snow boots

In winters, one needs to keep their foot warm and safe from a frost bite. Buy him a snow boot which is sturdy, waterproof and has a wool lining inside. These boots are comfy and keep your feet warm even in extreme low temperatures. This would make an ideal gift for dad. These can be paired with any dress and you are good to go! Buy him black or brown boots which he can style with almost all outfits in his wardrobe.

9. Get him a set of personalized power cufflinks

Personalized power cufflinks

We love our man to be in style, sporting a sexy beard, donning a tailored suit and a sassy waistcoat. Ever wondered where do we get that, our dads the answer. The true hero of our lives who loves flaunting and styling as much as we do. Buy him this set of power cufflinks which is digital smart and is bound to be your dad's favorite too. This set would make a cool gift for the dad from daughter who takes care of his personal wardrobe so well.

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10. Gift him a smart watch

Smart watch

Men are crazy about gadgets and technologies. In the digitized world, it is important that you blend in. So, now the vogue is a smart watch with unbelievable features to keep your hands free but connected with the whole world. A smartwatch would be the perfect gift for your smart old man who is still a science nerd. A great concept available with charging facilities, latest android upgrades, multiple watch faces and many more exciting features. There are two versions - for android and for iOS. Buy him according to the phone he uses and choose the interchangeable strap as per your father’s choice.

11. Gift him a complete golf set

Complete golf set

Dads handle the school games, football coaching, swimming classes, badminton tournaments throughout your curriculum years. He is the friend who understands how much losing a goal means to you. He is the one who would jump and shout like crazy just because your favorite team won the tournament. Sports is clearly dad’s forte. He loves sports. Dads believe sports keep you healthy and disciplined. You would agree, right? Gift him this complete golf set so that he can pursue his game post retirement. Keep himself busy and healthy. The 18-piece golf set takes care of the beginners as well as the experienced player.

12. Gift him a home theater system

Home theater system

Music is appealing to every gender and age group. The interests definitely vary. Men love the punk, rock and roll as much as they enjoy a nice jazz number. They have a keen interest in instruments, the techniques and love fiddling with their headphones and equalizers. This was the story in college. With time, this passion takes a backseat. It’s to you to see it doesn’t die. Buy him a home theatre system and set it up in his study or buy him a good quality speaker. Let him enjoy his songs the way he likes it, at the volume he likes it. You enjoy gifting him the best gift a dad could expect for.

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13. Gift him a pocket multi-tool

Pocket multi-tool

Dads handle all odd jobs like a pro. Men have a knack towards mending and fixing things. More than that it’s the tool which gets them excited to work. They love tools that help them explore and experiment. This multi-tool would be an ideal gift for dad. Multi tools or kits are not considered much of a gift but trust me give him something like this and see how easy his life becomes. This multi-tool is sturdy with multiple features and easily portable. Other variations are available as well. Buy him a carry pocket along with the multi-tool. He is going to carry this wherever he goes for sure.

14. Gift him an emergency road kit

Emergency road kit

Nothing beats safety on road. Dads do all the driving usually for the house, or going to work. A car is after all mechanics and it is bound to go wrong. If you are not ready, you could land up in a soup. Suppose your dad’s driving the family to a trip and the car broke down somewhere off road. Well that would be a pretty messed up situation. Gift him this Emergency Road Assistance Kit positively this Christmas. He is definitely going to agree with keeping one in the car. This kit has all the tools and booster cables to charge the battery for your car. A perfect safety gift for dad.

15. Gift him camping gear

Camping gear

Men are adventure junkies. The adrenaline rushes they get when they are hiking, driving or exploring. They just love it be it any age. A dutiful kid would admit dad just let go of some of his favorite adventure trips to spend time with his kid. Now you would love to send him on new adventures and live his dreams, wouldn’t you? Stop speculating and gift him a complete camping gear this Christmas. Convince him to live again and plan an adventure trip for him. See him thrilled and you get to hear amazing stories.

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16. Gift him a dashboard car phone mount

Dashboard car phone mount

Learning with the world is a challenge. It is necessary to keep yourself updated on the latest technologies and devices. One such device is the phone mount in cars. This is a very handy device to use your phone GPS for tracking location of a place. Gift your dad one as per his requirements. It comes with a suction clamp which can be mounted on to the glass or dashboard as per your eye level. Once mounted, keep your phone, put on the location tracker and drive to the desired location at ease.

17. Gift him a personalized wallet

Personalized wallet

Gift him a beautiful wallet this Christmas. Wallets are available of different fabric and finish. Pick one in pure leather and get it engraved with his initials. You can also opt for bespoke item where you can choose the leather, the color, the kind of finish, almost every single detail can be customized. The result would be indeed a special gift for dad. He is going to be in love with his wallet.

Parents don’t expect anything from their kids. Mothers and fathers are a blessing in disguise. Two selfless people dedicate everything for us. Our parents only wish for our success and happiness. Dads are special. They are the individuals who don’t hold us in their womb but the connect, the responsibility, the belongingness they share is unbeatable.

Mothers are often said to be connected to the kid from the day he/she is conceived in the womb and hence, that explains the emotional bond. Now how do you explain the behavior of the father then? Isn’t it amazing how he is not connected to with an umbilical cord, is unaware of your growth, rarely gets to see you and still feels the same motherly emotions. He takes the responsibility of raising you as his own from the moment his wife conceives you. He lives the journey with her only to know how are you doing. He goes to work every single day for his family. He makes sure he earns enough to get you a good education. On his holidays, he chooses to play with you, go to shopping with you. Dads are simply priceless. Be thankful for the gift you got.

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