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16 Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend 2019: No. 14 is Pretty Geeky!

While we all know that the best gift in a relationship is the gift of love, but a material gift once in a while doesn’t hurt. It shows your love for your girlfriend in more than one way. Some guys have no idea when it comes to shopping for a gift for girlfriend, while others choose the most common gifts that are neither creative nor fun. I have created a list of the best gifting ideas for your girlfriend that you can use for at least the next six months and then take cue from it after that. Have a look at some of the most unique and cute ideas when it comes to getting a gift for girlfriend.

1. Gift her a flower, but not the usual one

Unusual flower

While real flowers have their own charm, and must be gifted from time to time, sometimes you have got to take the different route in order to stand out. Get your hands on an immortal flower. Yes, you heard it. These flowers are basically fake but look real. These can be preserved forever and come in a beautifully adorned box. So, make complete use of this special gift for girlfriend by giving it to your lady love with a message on the lines of how you would love her till this flower dies. The flower never dies or fades out, keeping your message and your love intact.

2. Gift her a glowing teddy bear

Glowing teddy bear

When you know that you are not an expert in deciding gifts for women or gifts for girls, the best bet is to go for the classic favorite - a teddy bear. Girls absolutely love teddy bears. This gift could be added to the list of cute gifts for girlfriend. And while you are at it, choose one that is more than the usual teddy bear. Go for a glowing teddy bear. Gift her a teddy bear that has tiny lights inside it. The teddy will not just act as her cuddle buddy but also light up her room in just a click. She would totally become a fan of this dual purpose plush toy.

3. Gift her best girlfriend souvenirs

Best girlfriend souvenirs

Zeroing in on a gift for girlfriend becomes much easier if you actually feel the love and know for a fact that she is the best girlfriend you can ever have. Once you really feel it, make sure you express it not just by telling her face to face but also by gifting her something that always reminds her how amazing you think she is. Gift her a trophy that awards her for being the best girlfriend or gift her a coffee mug that says the same. She would feel proud and remember you every time she takes a sip from that coffee mug.

4. Get her comfort and music in a single gift

Comfort and music in a single gift

Thinking of Christmas gifts for girls or Christmas gifts for girlfriend? Christmas usually reminds us of snow, so, why not go for something related to snow. Let go off the usual stuff and think a little different. Think Polar Bear. Think Polar Bear cushion. Think Polar Bear cushion with Bluetooth speakers. Isn’t that unique and interesting? Let your lady love be comfortable on this Polar Bear plush toy cushion while it plays her favorite songs or lets you take your calls comfortably. It easily connects to a mobile phone through Bluetooth and has two speakers located at the paws.

5. Get her candies in a box with a message

Candies in a box

Another very unique gift for girlfriend could be a candy box with a personalized message. There are many online portals that let you pick and choose the number of candies, the kind of candies, the kind of box and your special message. You could send a box full of candies with a proposal to go to movies or have a night out through post. It would be such a unique replacement of a usual SMS. And be sure the probabilities of her saying her to your date request would be pretty high. So, add this gift for girlfriend in your bucket list and start preparing the best candy box for her.

6. Bomb her bath with beauty

Bath with beauty

Think romantic gifts for girlfriend, think bath bombs. Bath bombs have become the new trends and women love it. They are so relaxing just to look at and the colors are mesmerizing. This not only makes for a gift for your girl but also gives you a cute reason to be in the tub with her. So, gift her a basket of bath bombs. Either give it to her normally and then ask her if you can join her or wait for her in the bath with hot water and the basket of bath bombs and surprise her.

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7. Give her the gift of being fearless

Pocket key knife

Women today are strong and independent but thanks to the wicked mind of offenders, crimes against women are on the rise. While you try your best to protect her at all times, you cannot really be with her wherever she goes. Also, she should be self-sufficient when it comes to protecting herself against any harm. So, as a token of support, gift her any self-defense product, be it a pepper spray or a pocket knife. She would be thankful for the considerate gift, and who knows someday she might just save you from an attack.

8. Get kinky and creative

Beautiful lingerie

Looking for an anniversary gift? Most guys choose the most boring anniversary gifts for girlfriend. Don’t be one of those guys. Get kinky and rekindle your romance this time. An anniversary gift for girlfriend should have the right amount of romance and sass in it. Get her beautiful lingerie and panties with hot slogans. Get accessories that would make your romantic time with her more joyful. Get to know her likes and dislikes in this area and get creative. Give her what she wants and she would remember the anniversary for all the good reasons.

9. Gift her personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry

Finding gifts for her, if she isn’t a fan of gifts, could be a tricky business. The best bet is to stick to jewelry in such case - that too subtle, tiny jewelry; nothing loud. A great gift for girlfriend could be personalized jewelry. You can gift her a silver chain with a silver pendant that has a compass engraved on it, which a note that says I’m lost without you. Even if she is not such a big fan of gifts, she would love the fact that you have put in some thinking into choosing a gift for her, instead of buying anything off the rack.

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10. Pearl in her wine

Set of wine pearls

Let her sip her wine in style with a set of wine pearls. We know your lady loves her wine, so get her the best wine pearls available in the market and watch her get all excited to get the wine glasses out for a home date. She can easily keep the pearls in the freezer and pop them in her wine whenever she likes.

11. Frame the moments for her

Wall photo frame

A photograph makes for a brilliant piece of gift for girlfriend – whether given separately or made into a collage with other pictures. Either get her most beautiful and natural-looking picture printed and put it in a huge frame, or print all your favorite pictures of her and make a handmade collage. You can also create a collage of your pictures with her. See what she would love the most and create accordingly.

12. Gift her some flower power

Flowers in test tubes

Get her a unique piece of vase made of test tubes. Yes, you heard it. There are a number of vases available online that are made of test tube arrangements. These look highly intricate and are fun to decorate with flowers every day. So, if she loves flowers or science, this would be the best gift for her.

13. Gift her luxury in bath

Customized bathrobe

Women love their bathrobes. You can never get wrong with one. And if it is personalized, then that’s even better. Get your woman a customized bathrobe, preferably tailored to perfection as per her measurements, her favorite material and her initials or name embossed on it.

14. Gift her funky headphones

Funky headphones

If your girlfriend is a music junkie, get her something that she would keep with herself at almost all times - headphones. Now don’t go for the usual ones; that is the biggest mistake guys make when choosing a gift for girlfriend. Go for unique headphones for your lady love. Choose one that is foldable so that she can store it in her bag easily. And to make the gift unique, get headphones that can be spotted from afar. You can pick the bear ear headphones with LED glowing lights on it. Your girlfriend would love wearing it and would look super cute in it.

15. Gift her a taste of her favorite sitcom or movie

Plain silver bracelet

If you are dating a girl, you must get to know her as much as you can in order to get closer to her. The most common topics people discuss about and gel with are their favorite sitcoms and movies. If you know your girl’s favorite movie or sitcom, it becomes very easy for you to master the skill of getting the perfect gift for girlfriend. For instance, if she is a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan then you can get her a plain silver bracelet with ‘You are my Lobster’ engraved on it, or if she is a fan of Two Broke Girls, you can get her a pendant or a tee shirt with cupcake engraved on it. The options are abundant, you just have to make the right creative choice.

16. Gift her a handmade card

Handmade card

Women appreciate the efforts someone puts in to show their love. The best way to show your creative efforts to your lady love is by making a greeting card for her yourself. Paint it, draw on it, paste pictures on it - you have full creative liberty to make it a masterpiece. And the best part is you need not be worried about the consequences because no matter what, she would love it as it is made with love.

Make sure you know her likes and dislikes before you think of gifting her something. Many times, your lady love would show that she likes something just to keep you happy. Let’s grow out of that phase and move to one where she actually becomes happy about what you get her, and feels that you know her well, which would reflect positively on your relationship as well.

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