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20 Christmas Gifts for Grandma 2019: Make Her Emotionally Happy!

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Do you know who is that one person who thinks about you more than your partner, your friends or even your parents? Whose priority, at some point in life, becomes keeping you the happiest. Who fights with you if you make her angry, who fights for you if you need something and who fights with others if you are troubled. Whose day starts with making you eat food and ends with the same. Who waits for you to visit her every second day even when she knows you might not be able to. As you might have guessed it by the heading or the things I wrote, yes, that’s your grandmother - the most selflessly loving person you will ever know.

Your grandma deserves all kinds of love from your and one of those kinds is a special gift for grandma. Everyone loves a lovely gift every now and then, and your granny is no different, especially if it a gift from her grand-kid, she would be elated. While it is so easy to find gifts for your friends and parents, it gets a little tricky when it comes to finding gifts for your grandparents or even coming up with gift ideas for grandparents. Every granny is different in her own way and choices but keeping the general behavior of all grandmas in consideration, here is a list of gift ideas for grandma that you can try.

1. Get her a quirky house rules wall art

Quirky house rules wall art

Who said house rules are just for the entrance of a kid’s room? Get creative and buy her one of the most unique gifts for grandma. Get her a cool house rules wall art and see how she proudly hangs it on her door or room. Look for something humorous and light. A poster that says - ‘grandkids welcome, parents by appointment,’ would look cool.

2. Get her a life story picture frame

Life story picture frame

Photos and photo frames can never go out of trend when it comes to gifting for any age. Because when you capture memories and gift them, it stays a classic. A photo frame would make for a great gift for grandma. But gift it with a little more thoughtfulness. Create a picture in picture with different generations or create a life story starting from when she was a kid till when she held you for the first time or her granny life with you in general. Add notes to the pictures to make it look even better.

3. Gift her a heat pillow massager

Heat pillow massager

Old age comes with its own pros and cons, cons being higher in most cases. One of the worst part of being old is the physical pain that it comes with. Every other day you would feel your neck or your back or any other joint paining for no reason at all. Popping a pill every time is not a good habit, so, gift your grandma a heat pillow massager instead. Pick one that fits easily behind her neck and her back as these are the main problem areas. Also check for convenient straps and heat control.

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4. Get her a pair of heated gloves for the winters

Heated gloves for the winters

Whether your grandma has arthritis issues or she just hates being cold in the winters, get her a pair of heated gloves or mittens to keep her hands warm. There are several mittens and gloves that comes filled with pain relief gel that can be easily heated up for relief. These are soft on the skin and helps relief pain, if any. This would be a great Christmas gift for your grandma.

5. Make her walker more usable


If your grandma uses a walker, make it a tad bit more useful. A walker bag could become a great gift for grandma. She could easily keep her belonging in the bag and take the walker wherever she likes. Make sure you get her a bag that is made of lightweight material, so that it doesn’t add too much weight to the walker.

6. Officially turn the kitchen into grandma’s kitchen

Wooden kitchen item

Accept it, grandmas love their own little space, and especially if it is about their kitchen. Want to make her happy without having to cook? Get her wooden kitchen items with her name or simple Grandma’s Kitchen engraved on it. She would love to use them or flaunt them as she likes. It would give her a feeling of personalization which would make her kitchen time even more fun. And of course, you will get amazing food prepared by her with some extra love.

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7. Get her a pair of amusing socks that she can flaunt

Amusing socks

Who doesn’t love socks and who doesn’t love humor? Combine both and you get something to love even more. Use this idea as a gift for grandma and look how happy she gets. Pick a pair of socks with a slogan that has something to do with what she likes. For example, if your grandma loves wine (like all grandmas do), get her a pair of socks with a wine slogan on it. It would keep her warm and happy all-day long.

8. Get her a bad-ass cushion cover to add the right amount of punk to her decor

Bad-ass cushion cover

We all know how much grandmas like decorating the house. Gift them something to add to the cushion cover collection, but not the usual covers. Go for something that has a quirky photo or a slogan on the cover. A fine example would be a cushion cover with Glam-ma written on it. Your granny would either keep it for a personal space or show it off in the main room. Whatever the case, she would love this addition in her home decor.

9. Give her an uber-cool mobile cover

Uber-cool mobile cover

Gift her a phone cover that would make her an instant hit among her friend. There are many options available online like with a slogan that reads - ‘I’m called nana because I’m way too cool to be called grandmother’, or you can get your own personalized message for her. She would love showing off her phone cover instead of the same old boring plain covers.

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10. Adorn her room with vintage sign boards

Vintage sign boards

You can also adorn her room with sign boards. Look for boards that have similar messages as you had on the cushion cover and the phone cover. Create a whole vibe of cool for your grandma’s room. Make her friends and even your parents envy the kind of room décor she has.

11. Get her a coffee maker

Coffee maker

All grandmas love coffee – whether having it or making it for others. Why not make the task easier for her? Give her an electric coffee-maker and let her have a cuppa whenever she likes. There are so many options to choose from these days. If your grandma doesn’t like too much technology meddling with her kitchen skills, then get her a basic one. If she likes new stuff, then get her one with different options and types of coffee making.

12. Get her a coffee mug that she would proudly carry around

Coffee mug for grandma

While you are at it, why just stop at the coffee machine? Get her a personalized coffee mug as well. Look for one that says what a cools grandma she is or get one printed with your own message for her. She would use it every day and it would remind her of you.

13. Get her a wireless key finder

Wireless key finder for grandma

This could be a good gift for grandma as well as for your own self. But let’s just focus on granny for now. Misplacing a key at the wrong place at the wrong moment is something all of us has done once in our lives. With age, your memory begins to fade and that is when technology comes to the rescue. Get your grandma a key finder to spare her the horror of looking for a lost key all over the house. Get a wireless key locator not just help with keys but also helps find remotes, purses, glasses, canes and other small things quickly.

14. Install grab bars for her

Grab bars for grandma

One of the places where you grandma could be the most vulnerable to accidents is the bathroom. Make her visits to the bathroom much safer by installing safety bars wherever required. You can install a safety rail with arm support for the toilet and a pole or a bar near the bathtub, to help her get up easily and decrease the risk of slipping. Apart from that you can also setup grab bars in her bedroom beside the bed.

15. Gift her an induction cook-top

Induction cook-top

You cannot stop your grandma from cooking, no matter how old she gets or how unwell she gets. And specially when it comes to cooking for a grandchild, she takes even more pleasure in it. Why are we talking about stopping her from cooking you ask? Because even though she is a pro at cooking, working around open fire at the age she is at is a risk you should avoid. So, how do we fix this? Simple, an induction cook-top becomes the most useful gift for grandma in this case. An induction cook-top will let her cook anything she likes without running the risk of open fire.

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16. Get her a monthly pill organizer

Monthly pill organizer for grandma

Taking the right medication at the right time is one of the most important tasks for elderly people. Make it a little easier by gifting your grandma a monthly pill organizer. Make sure the box has easy to open compartment with segregation between morning, noon, evening and night. Also, ensure that it is easy to store and carry so that your grandma could take it wherever she wants.

17. Get her a sleep therapy machine

Sleep therapy machine

Remember how many times your grandma read you a sleep time story or sang you a lullaby while you slept in her arms? Time to show her how grateful you are and help her get a peaceful night’s sleep. While no story book or lullaby could be as good as how she did it, there is an alternative that could help. Get her a sleep therapy sound machine that would slowly and calmly make her sleep with a range of soothing sounds including white noise, ocean and rain. Getting a good night’s sleep will not just help her overall mood but will also keep her away from many ailments. This sleep therapy sound machine would become the most relaxing gift for grandma.

18. Gift her the most comfortable shopping cart

Comfortable shopping cart

Shopping is fun when you are young; not so much as you grow old. While there are many online shopping options available now, grandparents always like to keep it old school. So, another great gift for grandma could be multipurpose shopping cart. The idea is to make her shopping experience as comfortable as possible. Go for a shopping cart that has a seat, can climb stairs, has a water repellent bag and can be folded away easily. Your grandma would love you for it and get ready for an amazing gift for you from her shopping session.

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19. Get her a digital grocery list organizer

Digital grocery list organizer

While we are at the topic of shopping, there is another thing that almost all of us face trouble with - remembering what to buy. Every time you go for grocery shopping you come back whining about that one thing you forgot to buy. If it is this difficult for us, imagine how tough it would be for your grandma. And as we know she is not a big fan of making lists on her mobile phone, the best bet would be a digital grocery list organizer. All she will have to do is say the name of the items she wants to buy and the organizer would segregate and organize items in the right groups, and print out the whole list for your grandma to carry to the store.

Not putting this on the list because it shouldn’t be part of a list; it should rather be a regular practice. Gift your grandma your time. You can’t find this one in any store - online or offline. This one would just require some commitment from your end and would turn out to be one of the best gifts for grandma. Any material gift is useless for your grandma if you are not there to hand it to her. The most precious gift for grandma is to see her grandkids visit her; a gift is just a bonus, to be honest. So, while you invest your time and money in picking the best gift for grandma, make sure you are physically present to see the smile on her face when she receives the gift. Your presence would be one of the best presents for grandma.

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