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17 Christmas Gifts for Mom 2019: Check the Epic List of Gift Ideas

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Mothers have the magic wand to get you smiling no matter however cloudy the day be. She nurtures you as a part of her own. You are her world right from the time she holds you in her womb till she breathes her last. Nothing beats that ear to ear grin she sports day after day for you, for her family. She is a woman who stands by her parents, her husband and her kids every time we need her.  Have you ever wondered, how she does it all? I have never seen my mother wavering when I needed her. I am her most prized possession and so are you. Imagine a life without mothers for a second, there would be no life in the first place. She is the gentle abode of courage and grit. An example of how determination and dedication for your loved ones can bind the family into one strong bond.

The moment a woman adorns the role of a mother, she sacrifices herself, her dreams, her desires for the sake of us. When we took away her entire time, when did she get a chance to live? I know you relate the time’s irreversible but we can still make life worth living for her. We all should try rekindling the dormant flames in our cutie moms again. She deserves to be pampered and what are you waiting for? Shower her with gifts and see her rejoice like a little kid receiving bag full of her favorite toys. A shout out to all online platforms who make it easier in maintaining relationships. The online portals are today crowded with endless options for gift ideas for the super moms. Let’s have a look at some promising and unique things you can present as a gift for mom.

1. Get her personalized jewelry

Personalized jewelry

Jewelry makes for one of the best gifts for mom and what’s more unique than a personalized custom jewelry for your mom. A pendant or a ring bearing the names of her and you would instantly lift-up her spirits whenever she wears it. It would be a unique gift for your mom and surprise her by engraving her favorite quote or movie lines. You can also use the lines she used the most to scold you and oh boy! I bet that would leave you both blushing.

2. Gift her a coffee maker

Coffee maker

Oh yes! A hot red coffee maker would be one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for mom. Every day is a marathon for the lady and a nice big cup of freshly brewed coffee is heaven in the morning. A little treat to herself that would keep her on her feet. Go for a French press or a quality coffee maker with different settings. Let her make coffee her style. If possible, curate some exclusive coffee beans for her too.

3. Gift her a good read

Good book

Books open doors to wisdom. She is a champion who can execute a new approach to life like a pro. Teach her to value herself by gifting her such interesting options to read. The less the clutter, the less the time she would invest in shining them up. Some free time finally for her to indulge in the best of life. Reading options are plenty and she is a connoisseur. Get her a collection ranging from crime fiction, sweet love stories, baking, gardening, home styling, decor etc.

4. Gift her an acupressure massage mat

Acupressure massage mat

All our moms care about is finishing her daily errands, keeping the house clean, cooking us the best of dishes. I often see her tired, stressed and age slowly creeping up on her. Gift your mom an acupressure massage mat to relieve her of her stress, back pain, joint pains etc. Pick one with a carry bag for your OCD ridden mom. This acupressure mat easily makes it to the list of the top unique gifts for mom. Lying on this mat regularly would help her strengthen her back and be ailments free.

5. Buy her a cashmere bathrobe

Cashmere bathrobe

Moms don’t say it but they totally love getting pampered. Spoil her crazy with this 100% Cashmere bathrobe for her. This comfy robe in vibrant colors makes the best gift for your mom. Such a snug fit and keeps you feeling happy post a bath. Let her sip her favorite cup of coffee in this Christmas gift by you.

6. Gift her a comfy body pillow

Comfy body pillow

We often don’t wait and wonder how much our moms toil throughout the day. She surely deserves some comfort for herself. As her hairs grey, buy her this pretty body pillow which would be her stress companion. This cool gift for mom comes in a variety of cool color combinations. You can surely check with her for the shape, preferably by the U - shaped ones which wrap around you the way you want it. These body pillows are easy to maintain, can be washed and the puffiness can be adjusted as per your requirements.

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7. Gift her a cool fitness tracker

Fitness tracker

When the world is into fitness, could the queen be far behind? Gift your mom this unique gift this festive season. This pretty fitness tracker will keep her on a personal mission. The tracker senses the body rhythm and tracks your fitness routine to keep you motivated towards your goal. What better gift for mom than a step towards fitness? There are many brands and variety of devices available. Search for a good deal, cross check the features and reviews, then buy one. She would love using it.

8. Gift her a non-stick bakeware set

Non-stick bakeware set

Ask any mom, you can bet she just loves cooking for her family. Oh! How we drool in memories of her cooker baked cakes and pies. Buy her this pretty bakeware set for this Christmas. This set has large and small trays, muffin trays, etc. Check for the quality and the deal price. Preferably buy the non-stick aluminum ones over silicone for her kitchen. Trust me, gift her this set and she will lead you to the world of baked goodies.

9. Gift her a pair of cozy slippers

Cozy slippers

Moms know the deepest of your secrets, your love life. Your attitude to take on the world comes from her. Gift her these comfy slippers this Christmas for her beautiful feet. The slippers have a wool ling inside to maintain the temperature. These slippers will keep her warm and the burst of colors is just her thing to flaunt. Buy her a few different designs to match her pretty wardrobe.

10. Get her a bottle of her favorite drink with a sassy glass

Favorite drink

You would know how it is when you get married, you try keeping up with your duties and responsibilities in the hustle give yourself a total miss. Our moms chose us, let us choose her. Gift her a bottle of red wine or her favorite champagne and she would drink it to glory. The drink makes the perfect gift for moms to make merry. Gift her the sassy glass along. A bottle of the best wine and a glass all to herself. Trust me mothers would want the solitude more than anything else.

11. Gift her a quirky apron

Quirky apron

Your mom’s collection of aprons is definitely missing something. Gift her this quirky cooking apron to add to her collection and let her apron do the talking. You can also get it printed with her favorite quote or something naughty. This funny gift for mom is sure to cheer her up the moment she adorns it. Show her some love and let her enjoy her new quirky avatar.

12. Gift her a Polaroid camera

Polaroid camera

Photographs preserve memories and who doesn’t like creating a box full of them? Moms preserve our first drawing, our first writing like gems. Buy her this unique polaroid camera and let her preserve some of her private moments. She is surely going to love this cool gift idea. Watch her start clicking as soon as you gift her this cute camera.

13. Gift her a complete kitchen tools and gadgets set

Kitchen tools and gadgets set

This kit makes for a perfect gift for mom. This kit contains all the required tools to make her life easier. The tools like knives, spatula, grater, measuring spoons, etc. are of good quality and durable. Gift her this kit this festive season and see her churn lip - smacking dishes for you day in and out. The kit is going to make it a lot easier for her to work in the kitchen.

14. Gift her a hammock


Moms love nature and its bounty. Basking in the sun is a luxury for her but when she does get time, make sure she makes the most of it. Gift her this cool hammock for herself. She is going to thank you for this comfy gift. The hammock is made of good quality fabric. It is easy to carry, easy to wash and easy to fix. She can carry it wherever she wants and enjoy.

15. Gift her a gardening toolkit

Gardening toolkit

Moms love their herbs garden; a gardening kit would just be the perfect gift for mom. The kit is compact and has all necessary items she would require grooming her plants. Just get her the kit and sit back to watch the magic unfold. The kit is a good beginners kit, just follow videos on YouTube and begin with the tutorials if one is a newbie to gardening.

16. Gift her an engraved cutting board

Engraved cutting board

An engraved cutting board sounds like an amazing gift for mom. A cutting board is a must in the kitchen, can be used to roll dough too. Choose a good wood if you can source it, check if you can get the one with suction base. A suction base or an anti-slip base should be a must, prevents slipping and saves mishaps. Once you are done choosing the right size, get it engraved with her favorite quote or simply a message for her.

17. Get her a dishwasher


Cooking is a delight, washing dishes is not. As much as I love cooking and baking, I simply dread the pile of dishes to be done by the end of the day. I am sure so does your mom. Cleaning dishes is a tiring task and the amount of baking and cooking decides the pile. This dishwasher would make a perfect gift for mom this festive season. Buy her a good quality dishwasher and save her from an additional toil. While the dishes get cleaned, she can enjoy her glass of wine.

Moms are the best gift to this world. A woman just dedicates her precious time all to her family. Can one beat that? No number of gifts can make up for what she sacrifices in her life. Moms sincerely don’t expect any gifts or for that matter anything in return. We all just sway with the societal norms and never care a damn till possibly we become moms. The least we could do for her is value what she has given us, appreciate her for her dedication. A little appreciation is all she expects, be there for her, teach her to live for herself. The best gift for mom would be that you nurture her now. Dote her like a kid, teach her new things, hold her hands through this phase of her life. Be a friend to her.