Graduate school is a once-in-a-lifetime event. There are just a few people in the world that have the opportunity to achieve this in their lifetimes. It gives you a chance to let go of the burdens of years of hard work.

So everyone should seize the opportunity to reflect on how far they’ve come and how significant it is. And to celebrate your beloved one’s graduation day is something special for us too. So why not gifting your graduated civil engineer a momentum that he will cherish for his life long?

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However, civil engineers are difficult to buy for. They usually have everything they need – in case of an emergency – in three copies. Getting something linked to civil engineering is a good idea for many civil engineers.

So, if you’re looking graduation gifts for civil engineers in your family, keep reading because we’ve got some ideas for you!

1. Weatherproof Notebooks

So it’s time to get out to the field. The most critical thing a civil engineer may need right after graduation is a nice notebook to carry. And there is nothing novel about a civil engineer carrying items that are protected from the outside world.

This notebook employs magic to ensure that you can write in this notebook with a pen or pencil even while it’s raining. It’s great for the muddy, damp work locations that many civil engineers frequent.

2. Portable espresso machine

We all know a civil engineer has to spend most of his hours at job sites and to make them feel at home and be awake as well. They may need coffee more than anything else. A portable coffee machine will be a blessing for your freshman graduate since it is very easy to use and will save his time as well.

3. LED beanie hat

This hat is a great option for civil engineers who spend a lot of time working in the dark. If your graduate is trying to follow the path of train engineers, highway engineers or tunnel engineers, they will need a torch to conquer. And this LED light beanie hat fulfills the desire of many engineers to make their work as simple as possible.

So now your civil engineer will no longer arrive at a construction site and discover that he had forgotten his torch. He’ll never be in the dark again as long as he’s warm!

4. Zippo hand warmers

If your new engineer needs to spend the winter months working outside, he will always thank you for this portable, rechargeable electric hand warmer.

These small hand warmers, which can be tucked inside a glove, use a modest electric charge and lighter fluid to keep your hands toasty for up to 12 hours. And don’t worry, they’ve been thoroughly tested for safety, so even a mishap won’t harm them.

5. Hexflex Multitool

A snowboarder who’d been fed up with hauling along a set of screwdrivers and spanners on the slopes came up with this handy little tool. So when you’re gifting your graduate civil engineer for making his path, why not giving this cute little multitool which will fit on his keyring as well!

This will be a perfect practical gift for them, and he will remember you whenever it comes to his use.

6. Lego Tower Bridge

No matter how old we are, we will never get board with Legos! Remember those days when we used to think that we would get the biggest Legos when we grew up? So now let’s fulfill our wishes.

Let’s gift your graduate a box of Lego which resembles to London Bridge. And no doubt this Lego Bridge will not only entertain your newly civil engineer but also it’s thousands of pieces will help them to brainstorm more for their new projects.

7. The Pocket Engineer: Wallet Ruler And Unit Conversion Reference

Undoubtedly, it is a must-have for civil and structural engineering students and professionals alike. Since they can carry it about with them everywhere they go as a civil engineer, and it’s compact enough to fit in their pocket, any engineer will go crazy for this.

Trust me when I say it’s one of the best low-cost gadget presents that make your fresh graduate thankful for.

8. Texas Instruments Scientific Calculator

An engineer’s scientific calculator is an essential tool, much like the stethoscope doctors use. Engineers are expected to solve problems and perform innumerable computations, no matter which type of area they work in.

This new Scientific Calculator from Texas Instruments would make an excellent present for a civil engineer. So if you’re thinking about getting an important thing for the freshman, it would be a good hit.

9. Bosch Laser Distance Measure

Since civil engineers utilize a tape measure as an instrument, undoubtedly it’s a wonderful present! A few of our favorite features include its small size and portability, as well as its ability to deliver precise measures up to 65 feet away.

So for your new civil engineer, give him this amazing distant measure and let him ditch the old one.

10. Take a test Wall Clock

How about a clock that employs math equations to read an analog time? It’s a great way to stay sharp every day by solving these equations. And who doesn’t enjoy a good test?

 So, if you are looking for a present as a civil engineer, this is an excellent option!

11. Cognitive Surplus Engineering Notebook

As a practical gift, this engineering-themed hardcover notepad is a great choice. They’ve added a modest touch of flair to their otherwise utilitarian work gear with this hardcover engineering design.

On the top of that there’s no need to be concerned about accidentally spilling coffee on your hardcover because it’s waterproof.

12. Rotring or Staedtler Mechanical Pencil

For civil engineers, mechanical pencils are a must-have. It allows you to draw diagrams for school or job with the ability to fine-tune your drawings using the eraser.

Mechanical pencils are still necessary in today’s digital world, but civil engineers are increasingly adopting touch displays as well.  So if you’re looking for a high-end mechanical pencil, this is it.

13.  Pipe Desk Lamp

For those of us who work or study from home, a well-designed workspace is essential. Designed with an industrial and rustic appearance, this pipe desk lamp is ideal for both the home and business.

Your engineer’s office area would benefit greatly from this lamp, which is made of high-quality iron and meets all applicable safety rules and regulations.

14. Personalized Engineer Wall Art Canvas

Your newly graduated civil engineer may have to shift to new cities for work and make a new home. To help them out with making their new flat like a home, you should gift them this cute wall art canvas.

You can make it of your own or customize it with a good quote from your civil engineer. No doubt that it would be an excellent gift for their graduation.

15. Travel Size Laptop Backpack

Civil engineers work in both the office and the field. Moving from A to B also implies moving your personal things. That’s where a multi-purpose backpack comes in handy. It can hold papers and notebooks as well as personal belongings such as a laptop.

With a travel laptop backpack like this, you get a lot. You can use the unique USB interface design to charge phones and use headphones, and it has enough interior space to fit a laptop, work supplies, and personal goods.

Graduation day is something that someone can never forget. This day reminds us of our adulthood and makes us sense of our new responsibilities. So don’t let go the chance to make your favorite one feel that no matter what they are doing, you’re always there for them.

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