Free iPhone X Giveaway 2018: Don’t Miss this Insane Opportunity!

Although it's not a techy blog but this article is a part of my promised to share some exclusive freebies and giveaways that you are eagerly waiting for. You definitely got to know what I am going to write about by reading the title of this article. Yah, this entire blog post is about the brand new free iPhone X giveaway contest of 2018 that you are most probably going to WIN and ROCK on your own!

As, in case of legit giveaways no one can promise winning the contest; I can't guarantee too. However it could be your first or the next grand prize from any online giveaway contest. Rather than writing here and there let me give you in depth information about this iPhone X giveaway contest.

As you know on these modern days many companies arrange giveaway programs to get natural promotions and this case is not the different from those. USA based company named RZ USA is the organizer of this free iPhone X giveaway which is pretty much limited to US residence only. Come on guys, if you are non-US residence then I am really sorry. It's not under my control, next time I will definitely try to come up giveaways that accepts international participants.

Free iPhone X Giveaway at a Glance

Giveaway Prize

iPhone X (64GB)

Country approved


Age limitation

Above 18

Joining limitation

Once in a month per person

Prize giving date

End of each month

In case you have any confusion or has anything to ask please feel free to comment below. This iPhone X giveaway may expire soon and hence I recommend you to join as soon as possible if you really don't want to miss this golden chance of winning iPhone's latest device.

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