Free iTunes Gift Card: Shocking Truth behind FAKE Generators!

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Are you looking for free iTunes gift card sitting in your bedroom? Do you think people are so insane to give you $25, $50 or $100 worthy of iTunes gift card just without taking anything from you?

Damm, You are going to be trapped!

Online world of full of fake gift card generators which just steal your Email address and other information and sell those to others and hence you become the self-invited guest for the spammers.

I am not saying that there is no real ways to get free iTunes gift card, surely there are many of them but you need to think before tapping into one of those.

Here goes the simple rule;

If any website gives you the guarantee to get one, it’s FAKE!

If any generator says to give you gift card with just a couple of clicks, it’s FAKE!

It’s simple, no one can guarantee you to win a giveaway because it depends on luck, however you can change the odds in your favor by following the exact instructions but that still doesn’t mean 100% guarantee to win. Did you get it?

In the same way, people are not that crazy to give you a $100 iTunes gift card for free, just to press your mouse button or mobile screen couple of times.

There are many companies that arrange giveaways which ultimately promotes their business or product, that the real giveaway!

Now a days, many blogger and Youtuber ask to share and like their contents to qualify, that’s real giveaway!

Some companies will ask you to complete survey to get qualified for free gift cards, that's the real online contest!

Did you get my point? I am just trying to tell you that every giveaway or free product giving programs has a motto behind the scene which is either getting survey data or promotion from you. That’s how you are paying for the product, by giving your valuable time.

At the end, I just want to tell you please be careful while you are seeking freebies or sample products online . I know these are pretty lucrative, but don't fall into any trap of scammer and this is why you need to do proper research before taking action.

Still confused or have anything to add? Let me know via comment and I will be glad to response to your comment.

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