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Lowe’s Gift Card 2019: The Perfect Gift for Furnishing the Home!

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As pleasurable as it is to bring a smile on one’s face with gifts, it is an overwhelming process. Coming up with gift ideas can take hours of intense brainstorming and one often settle for impractical ones. I still remember the time I ended up gifting my sister a (...drum rolls ...) plastic waterfall instillation which looked like a reject from a junkyard, still. It ended up in... You guessed it right... a junkyard in 3 months’ time and henceforth set the reverse benchmark for future gifts. Anyhow, after my personal walk of shame as a ‘gifter’, the lesson of life hit hard and my idea towards buying gifts changed completely.

This anecdote brings me to point out the very misery in finding a meaningful gift for friends and family and then live with an apprehensive dilemma about the associated thoughtfulness or shallowness of your gift to that person.

The answer to this building drama? Gift cards! With gift cards, you are not only feeding a painkiller to your gift shopping stress, but you are actually giving your loved ones the opportunity to choose gifts of their own liking! To me, this is hands down revolutionary and a Lowe’s gift card serves this purpose like no other!

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What is a Lowe’s gift card?

Lowe’s is one of the most sought-after home improvement stores which houses everything from branded appliances to home supplies, gardening tools, security devices and almost anything and everything you can find in a household. They have physical shops and an online portal, making shopping a matter of one click. With a Lowe’s gift card, one can access and buy any product available in their stores. Can there be a better gift than this?

  • Lowe’s gift card can be bought directly from their stores across the U.S.A and Canada or from their online store.
  • Lowe’s printable gift card is emailed to you instantly or delivered to the shipping address in the form of a hard PVC card, the value of which can be redeemed during checkout.
  • They have offers going on all the time on gift cards and corporate cards.

What are the benefits of Lowe’s gift card?

Lowe’s is one of the leading sellers of branded home merchandise and provides some irresistible benefits for its customers.

  • It sells almost everything. The range is so varied, that a Lowe’s gift card is bound to cater to the interests of each and every person you gift it to. Kitchen appliances, home decor items, bathroom furnishing, gardening tools, electric and flooring supplies, stationary school supplies, security devices do not even cover half their list of the product category.
  • The discounts are amazing. Especially during the holidays, they provide discounted Lowe’s gift card deal that is difficult to overlook.
  • The delivery is fast and online transactions are safe and secure.
  • Their gift card value is up to 500$, although corporate cards can be of any worth within 2000$.
  • They offer an extra 10% discount for military personnel and veterans.
  • You can even shop from the comfort of your home in the most hassle-free way.
  • You can get cash back offers if you buy Lowe’s gift card from other shopping portals.
  • You can choose personalised the gift card according to the occasion, complete with thematic digit prints on the cards. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year or any other designed card, you are spoilt for choice!
  • They also provide installation services (say whaaat!!!).
  • The value of the cards can be recharged.
  • You can also design and personalise your own card for as small as 2$.
  • The best part is, these cards do not expire. So enjoy a lifetime of shopping opportunity in the easiest and convenient way possible!

How to use Lowe’s gift card and Check Balance?

Your gift cards have credit value which can be redeemed during cart checkout at their physical and online stores. The method of use is pretty easy; you swipe when at a store and provide the pin number while online shopping. Create your online profile and you will be welcomed to a world of enticing products. Add products to your cart and checkout with the card number and PIN, name and shipping address and your order are subsequently placed.

The online portal has a separate page for just checking the card balance. Provide the card number and PIN and you are good to go. For somebody who does not have access to their website can check it at their store or call their customer care number at any time of the day.

What are the ways to get free Lowe’s gift card?

  • The online website gives discounts on gift cards all around the year. They also offer volume discounts, that is, if you buy in bulk worth a big amount, you get added discounts.
  • They offer an extra 10% discount for military personnel and veterans.
  • Other vendors like Amazon, GiftcardRescue, and GiftCart Mart also have discounts on Lowe’s gift card, but it is advisable to shop directly from them to avoid any security discrepancy.

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Best places to buy Lowe’s gift card

  • You can buy Lowe’s gift card and Lowes rewards card from any of their physical store across U.S.A and Canada or directly from their online store.
  • Lowe’s digital gift card can be bought online which is emailed to your id within a matter of seconds.
  • Gift cards, are available on some retail websites as well like Amazon, GiftCardMall or Raise.

I think the convenience of a gift card is unbeatable as a way of stress-less shopping. The conflicts too go through while buying meaningful gifts can now be put to rest. With Lowe’s gift card facilities,  can even customize according to our liking. No more queuing up at stores, fighting your way through discount shoppers or struggling over ideas. The shopping man-oeuvre has changed people; roll with it and discover the joy and tranquil of finishing off your Christmas shopping in literally 2 minutes!

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