Everyone loves free goods because spending a lot of money or any money these days seems to be a difficult thing to do. In fact, who does not like free fries or McDonald snacks with gift cards? You can claim a free McDonald’s gift card instantly with the help of some easy ways. This article will help you get hold of a free McDonald’s gift card, so if you are willing to possess that, then give this piece a read. 

1. Online Giveaway Contest

This contest will help you win a $100 McDonald’s gift card through an online process. You need to apply for it to participate and win gift cards.The primary requirement to apply here is- you need to be a US resident and also be above 18 years old. The entry process might seem a bit hectic but it is all worth it in the end. The good news is that you do not have to purchase anything earlier in order to register or win something out of it. 

2. Prize Rebel 

This is another way of getting McDonald’s gift cards. Surveys are at the top of your second earning. Not much effort is needed to earn money this way, yet you earn something out of it. This is an online survey where you need to sign up and get enrolled. Then you need to complete the online surveys, which will be paid surveys, and by doing that, you can earn points. You can exchange the points with gift cards and cash, and you can get them through PayPal, eBay, Amazon, VISA, and STEAM.

3. Poll Pay App

The last way is to download or use the survey app. This app will help you to earn money. Yes you saw it right- a survey for money! Surveys are particularly boring and we tend to avoid it. But getting paid for a survey is something you cannot avoid. Just a few clicks on your cell phone and there you are being a pro at earning money. Here, you need to complete surveys and polls to earn. Furthermore, this is not limited to making money only but also receiving free vouchers and gift cards. This is an excellent way of earning money as well as McDonald’s gift cards for delicious burgers and fries.

The methods mentioned above will surely help you achieve or claim gift cards, and you can get a free McDonald’s gift card in your pocket the next time. Enjoy all the benefits from the McDonald’s gift card by following the necessary methods to achieve them.

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  1. Newton Wesler Reply

    I applied and waiting to get my McDonald gift card. Thanks though!

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