Back in 1982, when people only had a few entertainment options and just a few movie theaters around the country, someone in Los Angeles had a different idea. He considered creating a vending machine that rents out movies at a cheaper cost.

And today, after a few decades, it has become one of the largest movie rental kiosks “Redbox,” with over 30 thousand vending machines across the United States. And they are no longer restricted to their kiosks; they are also conquering the internet with fresh alternatives and simple services. And, in order to keep up with the times, they are now distributing gift cards in order to increase the loyalty of Redbox customers.

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So, before you dig in this new item, let’s check out all their features.

Where to get a Redbox gift card?

The only way to get a Redbox gift card is to visit their website and purchase their E-gift cards. Unfortunately they don’t provide any physical gift cards so in order to gift them someone, you can only send them digitally.

However, it comes in the amount of $5 to $150, so you won’t have to spend all you have for this gift card.

How to activate a Redbox gift card?

In most cases, an email with the confirmation code arrives within a few hours following the transaction. However, you can activate your Redbox gift card whenever you want.

To activate the gift card, all you need to do is to log in to your Redbox account and search for the Payment Method option and then select the Add Gift card. After that, put in your card number & the PIN and now your card is activated.

How to use a Redbox gift card?

As your gift card is now activated, you can rent any movies from Redbox through their website or your mobile app. Just simply pick your desired movie and select the gift card option in the checkout process. That’s all! Now enjoy your movies with popcorn.

How to check a Redbox gift card balance?

Checking your remaining amount on their website is the simplest way to do it. Look for the ‘Gift Card Balance’ option on the site. Simply enter your gift card number and pin code and get informed about your remaining balance.

How to send a Redbox gift card to someone?

Given that Redbox only offers electronic gift cards, it would be simple to mail any digital card to anyone in your region. To make it more appealing, simply enter the recipients’ email addresses and modify it with your own messages. And your digital card will be delivered in a matter of seconds to your special someone.

When will a Redbox gift card expire?

It is nothing new that some brands have this policy that their gift cards tend to expire in a very short period. But fortunately, these cards do not expire, so you can watch your favorite movie whenever you want.

Where to sell a Redbox gift card?

Nowadays, there are plenty of new websites which have made it easy for us to trade our unused gift cards for a good deal. Raise is one of the most popular for selling your unwanted Redbox gift card.

I hope this FAQ has answered any questions you may have about this incredible gift. This gift card is guaranteed to make your loved one squeal with delight in a matter of seconds! So, don’t waste your time looking for anything else and just buy some high-quality gift cards instead.

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