Save Money: 9 Psychology Based Actions that you can take Now!

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How many times did you try to save money and failed? Enormous, right? Yah I know it’s pretty hard to save money in this world of such amazing advertising and products. On the top of that, there are many types of sales, offers, promotions and so more that push you to buy stuffs even if you don’t need that.


This is the core factor behind your interest for buying stuffs. Now a days smart marketers, ad creators, brand managers are using human psychology to get more sales. Definitely, I am not saying to stop buying stuffs; I just want to tell you stop buying stuffs that you don’t need or if you want to save money then focus on buying less stuffs as you can. Alright, let’s discuss about 9 Psychology based thinking pattern that will help you to control your mind and focus on saving money.

#1. Do you need it?

Today’s advertising is so powerful that people end up buying stuffs that they don’t need. Thus while you think of buying any stuff ask yourself, “Do I really need it? What may happen if I don’t buy it?”. If buying the stuff makes no change in your daily life then it simply means it’s not worth spending money for that particular stuff.

#2. Wait for 3 months

Sometimes you may get pretty confused while thinking just like the above mentioned technique. Some stuffs may look important and not so important at the same time. Sounds familiar? Yah, it’s not only your problem, we all face this problem. In this case write down the products or services name in a list and keep it in your drawer and forget about this. After 3 months pick it up and think “Does not buying that product or service hampered your life in these 3 months?”. If yes, then just buy it on the other hand cut it out of your shopping list for ever.

#3. Wait, it will drop!

In case of buying something important but not emergency, my suggestion is wait to for 30 days. Within this 30 days the price will drop and your impulse will also drop which will help you to negotiate properly. Mostly, electronics stuffs drop the price very quickly after launching to the market due to massive competition. Thus waiting for 30 days will save a lot of money that you could drain out for no reason.

#4. Keep it clean

Always keep your house clean to save money constantly. Sounds insane, right? How can keeping one’s house clean can relate to saving money?

Because of unorganized home some of your necessary stuffs could hide under or behind other stuffs and you may think you don’t have that stuff anymore; such as battery, face cream, staplers, marker etc. Thus you will go to store and buy that same stuff again. in this way you are buying duplicate stuffs and at the same time wasting your money.


#5. Look at the older model

Sometime buying the older model can save tons of money. While buying any expensive product that constantly comes as the newer version; you can look at the older model and think how much the price differs as well as is it worthy to spend more money for few new features? For example: buying an Apple Macbook of 2014 and 2015 is pretty much same in terms of specification but the model of 2014 is comparatively cheaper. Same goes for bikes, cars, TVs, Mobiles and so more. Therefore, sometime considering the older version will definitely save your money.

#6. Look for online opportunities

There are tons of ways to save money if you look carefully around the online sites and blogs. You can use coupons, gift cards, vouchers, Email subscriptions, limited hot sales etc. to save immense amount of money. If you are concerned enough to cut down your monthly expense then try out these popular ways. Surprisingly this blog will help you to save tons of money via gift cards so have your eyes closely on every corner of this blog.

#7. Ask for discount

This is the most unused technique of saving money. Sometime you can will see there is no discount or offer to get but asking the seller may reveal one for you. Yah, this technique is mostly useful in case of online shopping stores. I used this technique several times and I got coupon from them that helped me to but the same stuff at a lower price tag. So, from now create a mentality to ask for discounts or coupon codes.

#8. Think of ‘After Buying Expense’

There are lots of things that require huge expense even after buying the main product such as TV, Gaming Console, Bike etc. To be specific, Just buying a gaming console like Xbox or Playstation is not enough. You need to buy cables, HD TV, CDs, Gaming pad, Sound speaker etc for having the best experience. Thus before buying the gaming console you need to think if you are ready to bear this huge expense or not.

#9. Rent and Try!

This psychological technique is pretty helpful in case of buying expensive stuffs like bike, high end smart phone, high end PC or laptop, bicycle, car etc. In this case you can rent the stuffs before even buying it. If you feel you need it then go and buy it else wait and look for another. In addition, you can borrow from your friend and try it before going to the store.

At the end I am saying it again, “Psychology is the core factor behind spending more money or less money”. Thus, learn to train your brain to spend less and save more money. If you liked these ACTIONABLE tips on saving money then please do share it with you mutual friends and help them too. Missed out any point? Or do you have any exclusive tips to share with me? Then my comment section is always open for you.

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