Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform with millions of customers. Everyday purchases are made, and you can find absolutely anything over there that you need in your daily life. Through it you can make your life a little more luxurious and comfortable.

However, if you have Amazon gift cards that you do not use and are all just lying there getting piled up by dust, you can sell amazon gift cards online. Some people want Amazon gift cards to make their purchases easier, so you could sell amazon gift cards to them and get some extra cash out of those available bunch of cards.

You might find this article helpful as this will show you some ways to get rid of those gift cards and also earn money in the process.

1. EJ Gift Cards

Sell Amazon Gift Card on EJ Gift Cards

This is another very effective way to sell amazon gift cards that are not in use. All you need to do is complete three simple steps. First, select the brand of the card you want to sell from the list of all brand names.

The second task is to mention the card details like the dollar amount or current face value on your card, and then in order, add the card or cards. The last task is to enter card-related information like the correct value and pin of your card and enter the PayPal email address to receive your payment. This is one of the simplest ways of selling gift cards.

2. Card Cash


This site is going to sell amazon gift cards with ease. This site offers up to 92% cashback for selling unneeded amazon gift cards. Here, you need to complete three steps to be able to finally get paid.

First, select the offer, and the next step is to submit your amazon gift card or cards with all the details. The last step is to get verified and wait for your payment from customers. See? So easy to sit back at home and earn cash with absolutely no hassle. 

3. Raise


Raise lets you sell amazon gift cards with three easy steps. Look for your cards that are unused or partially used. List the gift cards by picking the brand name and set the selling price for your gift card or cards.

Finally, receive payments from the customers through PayPal, cheque, or direct deposit, and you are good to go. Earn cash by entering this site through your computer, laptop, or even phone and quickly getting money in your hands. 

4. Gift Card Spread


Last but not the least is the Gift Card Spread site where you get to sell amazon gift cards with much convenience. Here at first, you need to make an offer for your unwanted amazon gift cards and pick the price you want to sell it for. Next, you will get a response within 24 hours if your cards are ready to get sold, and if you do not get any answer, you need to check the offer you have set again.

In the third step, you have to upload your credit card information and ID within 24 hours to set up the payment. Lastly, once your amazon gift cards are received this site will verify them and get paid.

You see, these ways mentioned above will surely get you that extra cash by effortlessly selling amazon gift cards. Check out the sites and sell amazon gift cards where you prefer the most.

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