If you are a movie lover and don’t know about AMC Theaters then I must doubt on your love. AMC Theater is the largest movie theater chain in the USA and a paradise for movie freaks. And this theater is now offering their customers some wonderful gift cards which is already quite popular among us.

No doubt, this gift card has become one of the popular gift options for people who sworn by movies. But sometimes, we tend to forget about this gift card or can’t make time for theaters. Thus, these gift cards are kept in our drawers for ages and get wasted.

So, why don’t you sell them out and turn the unused card into cash? Here is a list of few websites where you can easily sell out your unused AMC gift cards and make money.

1. Gift Card Granny

You must have heard about this website before. Because its easy accessibility and reliable service has made it very popular in the gift card industry. You just name a brand, and you will find it on this website. Basically, it works as a middle man between buyers and sellers and so easy to use for both that once you use it you will never go for anything else.

However, as I told before, it’s pretty simple to sell out your unwanted gift cards in this website. All you have to do is to create an account on their website and, after that, just search for the AMC and input the balance of the gift card you have. If you are unaware of the balance, you can even check it out from their website. Simply visit the gift card balance check.

After that, check out what they are offering, or you can even name a price to their list and that’s all! Just wait for your card to be turned into cash.

2. EJ Gift Cards

Use this service to sell your unwanted gift cards quickly and easily. It also has the best bargains ever. You won’t have to wait months to sell your gift cards to get paid for your gift card. Trust me, selling your gift cards through this website is safe and easy!

On their website, you can sell gift cards right away. Search for AMC and enter the card’s value. That shows you the current deals. If you accept the deal, move on to step two. In the second step, you must enter your AMC gift card number and PIN. Continue to the final step by registering and logging in. Provide your PayPal email address and you’re done!

Relax in your bed and wait for the sale proceeds.

3. Gift Card Outlets

This is an amazing site for selling your AMC gift cards. It would be beneficial if you put in a bid by establishing a reasonable price in order to attract buyers. If your offer is chosen, you will receive a response within 24 hours. Then, within 24 hours, you can initiate payment by providing your card and identification information.

Following that, you must supply more card information in order to send them electronically or to mail them to their Chicago address. Once they receive your cards, they will begin processing them, and you will receive your payment shortly thereafter. In this manner, you can sell AMC gift cards on this website.

4. Gift Cash

You may claim that Gift Cash is the quickest site that can convert your gift cards into cash in a flash! And it has the best price you’ll ever find. And in such a hurry. It doesn’t even require any gift card information or the installation of any apps.

You may easily visit this website from any browser by creating an account and logging in whenever you wish to sell your unwanted gift cards. Simply enter the AMC name and the amount on the AMC gift card, and it will provide the best offers available. You simply accept their offers and choose any payment method to be paid immediately.

5. Card Sell

This website enables you to easily sell your unwanted gift cards without having to worry about the purchasers. This website does not require you to wait extended periods of time before purchasing your gift card and paying you within a few hours. Therefore, if you dislike sitting still for an extended period of time and like to be paid within a few hours, this is for you.

Thus, to sell out your unused AMC gift card, you must first download the app, and then enter your gift card information. After that, the website will distribute the card to their buyers through hundreds of retailers. Your AMC gift card will be sold within a few moments. However, you will get payment via PayPal within 48 hours.

You can sell your unused or unwanted gift cards on any of these platforms and get some extra cash. You can sell AMC gift cards on your favorite website with hardly any hassle.

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