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10 Trusted Sites to Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash Instantly in 2019

Every month comes with a number of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. So, you can’t really mark a few festive months as the gifting season. The gifting season is on throughout the year. Talking about gifting, the easiest and the most practical way of gifting these days is through gift cards. I have already spoken about the best online sites to buy gift cards. But what if you are not at the giving end this time?

Receiving gift cards is awesome until someone hands you one that doesn’t make any sense to you. Yes, that happens. Someone gave me a food gift card of a restaurant that I am not really fond of. Another time I got a gift card which could be only redeemed at a shop and that shop was nowhere near my locality. Yet another time I was gifted a card that would make me buy something completely unnecessary for my house. What did I do with these gift cards? Did I throw them? That would be a big NO! I used them but a little differently. I sell gift cards online.

Yes, you heard it. You can sell gift cards for cash instantly on the Internet. It is easy and legit. All you need to do is check on which online sites you can sell your gift cards, see which one out of them is giving you the best value and sell it off. To make your task simpler, I did some research and made a list of trusted sites where you can sell your gift cards. Have a look at them below.

#1. Gift Card Granny (Visit Now)

A popular and trusted choice to sell gift sell gift cards for cash instantly, Gift Card Granny is an easy-to-use card selling or exchanging site. It gives you different ways to sell your gift card for cash. One option is to sell the gift card instantly for whatever cash the site offers you. The second one is to put a price on your gift card and wait for a potential buyer. The third option is to just exchange your gift card with a gift card that would actually be useful to you.


#2. Cardcash (Visit Now)

One of the easiest sites to use when it comes to selling gift cards online, Cardcash lets you sell your gift card instantly. All you need to do is open the website, type in the details of your card and Cardcash will show you the best offers available to choose from. You can either sell the gift card on Cardcash or exchange it for another card. The best part about Cardcash is that it even lets you sell partially used cards.

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#3. Cardpool (Visit Now)

Cardpool is another highly rated and trusted website to sell your gift card for cash. The method to sell your card on cardpool is pretty simple. Go to their site, give information about the card you would like to sell and choose from the best offers. Once you make a deal, you need to send your card to them in order to get paid within a day or two.


#4. Coinstar Exchange (Visit Now)

Coinstar Exchange is basically a kiosk you walk up to for cash. They are most easily spotted your favorite grocery store. How can you get instant cash from a Coinstar Exchange kiosk for a gift card? It is simple. Just go up to a Coinstar Exchange kiosk, place your gift card in the machine and wait for it to make a cash offer to you. Accept the offer for a voucher that can be redeemed for cash.


#5. uSell (Visit Now)

uSell is another great site to get cash for a gift card that is of no use to you. Just select your gift card, enter its current price and uSell will provide the best offer to you. If you like the offer, you can either sell your gift card online or mail it to them using a free shipping label. uSell sends you a check within 24 hours of receiving your gift card.


#6. Gift Card Bin (Visit Now)

At Gift Card Bin you can sell your gift card both online and offline. Submit a request online if you want to sell your gift card on their site. If you want to sell it offline then visit a location with Gift Card Bin.


#7. Monster Gift Card (Visit Now)

Like all other trusted gift card selling sites, Monster Gift Card also gives you the best offer once you put in the details of your gift card on its site. Choose the best offer and get paid in check.


#8. Gift Card Spread (Visit Now)

It’s a well designed site to buy, sell and exchange gift cards with other users. It has pretty simple and clean interface so that anyone can easily buy and sell used gift cards instantly.


#9. Gift Card Swapping (Visit Now)

Even though it might not be the best place to get cash for your gift cards, Gift Card Swapping is one of the trusted sites to do so. The reason why it is not the best option is because it offers lesser price as compared to other sites. But there is no harm in trying.

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#10. Raise (Visit Now)

Another trusted site to sell gift cards, Raise is one of the most popular ones when it comes to selling of gift cards for a good price online. On Raise, you can list your gift card on sale and wait for it to get sold at the price you want. The process might take a little longer than usual but in the end you might end up getting the price you want. Also, you can list your card for free. The site takes commission for the card you sell. This way of selling off your gift card is better because you can decide your own price, change it if you think it is not selling or even take it off if you found a better deal elsewhere.

So, make use of that unwanted gift card you have been storing for long, and make sure you check the price of your gift card on all these sites before making the final deal.

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