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Sell Steam Gift Card Quickly: Gamer’s Dream!

Steam is an online-only service, but it gives you gift cards that you can purchase from a lot of stores. If you, by chance, have steam gift cards that you do not use and keep them idle at your place, you should utilize them. If you have unwanted or unused steam gift cards, you sell them and earn money. If you sell steam gift cards, it would be a better way of clearing up the drawer space or wallets/purse’s space that these cards have been taking up. This article would suggest some ideas on how to sell steam gift cards and earn money effortlessly.

1. EJ Gift Cards

EJ Gift Cards

This is a site where you can sell steam gift cards that you do not use. Here, you need to complete three simple steps to sell the steam gift cards. First, select your gift card’s brand name out of the thousands of brand names. Second, give your card details like current dollar amount or current face value on your card to get offered related messages. The last step is to submit the pin and card related information then register to login. GIve your PayPal email address so that you get to receive your payment as soon as possible.

2. Card Cash


Card Cash is a site that helps you sell your unwanted gift cards and make money out of them. This site would let you sell steam gift cards. Here, log in first and select the offer that suits you the best. The second step is to submit all your gift cards’ details to make them ready for selling those to customers. Lastly, get verified and wait for receiving payments as soon as possible. This is an easy way of earning money, and you do not have to take much trouble to sell them. Everything is done online, and through this site for you very quickly.

3. Gameflip

This is another way to sell steam gift cards quickly. It is considered to be the safest site to sell steam gift cards. Your steam gift cards could be non-reloadable, unused, or prepaid, and you can sell all of them here. Steam gift cards are one of the popular gift cards on Gameflip. If you want to sell your steam gift cards fast, give 2% to 15% off the actual price while setting the price. Then list your gift card on Gameflip’s website, or you can also do that using their free app on the mobile. After that, you will get buyers who would pay you in your Gameflip’s wallet, which you can redeem any time.

4. Gift Card Spread


This is the last site that would be talked about where you can sell steam gift cards. You need to make an offer and set the price first. If the offer you made gets accepted, you will get a response within 48 hours, and if not, then you need to have a counter off at your hand to put again. After the deal is on, you need to submit your card details and ID within 24 hours. Then you have to enter the gift card details electronically, or you need to ship it to their location, which is in Chicago. Finally, they will verify your gift cards when they receive them, and you will get your payment as soon as they get sold. 

All of these sites are very helpful if you want to sell steam gift cards with no hassle. Go and pick up your preferred site to earn money by selling unwanted steam gift cards.

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