Subway is one of the most famous restaurants and the fastest growing franchises in the world. If you have unwanted and unused subway gift cards that you want to sell instantly, then there are ways to do that.

Do you want to get some extra cash?? Then why not use the useful platforms to get the most out of your unwanted subway gift cards? Sell it to those who need it or are looking for it badly.

Learn the best way to sell subway gift cards and get the money you need.

1. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny is one of the best platforms to sell not only Subway gift cards but also gift cards of any brand from every corner of the world.  You can create your account instantly and list down your unwanted gift cards to be sold.  You don’t even need to worry about the payment. 

Gift Card Granny will handle from listing to selling and even the payment from the buyer.  What are you waiting for? Get your account at Gift Card Granny and list your Subway gift card for sale.

2. EJ Gift Card

EJ Gift Cards

This is one of the sites that would help you sell subway gift cards that are not in use. As the gift card seller, you need to complete three simple steps to do what you came here for. First, select your card from the list of all the brand names. Second, submit your card details such as current face value on your card or the dollar amount on your card. Third, the last step will be to enter your card information like the pin linked to your card’s correct value. Paypal is there as the most convenient payment method to get the cash instantly.

3. Card Cash


This is an excellent site for selling subway gift cards. Card Cash sells your unwanted subway gift cards and offers up to 92% cashback, which is excellent. You need to select an offer and submit your cards that you want to sell with card information. Then you will need to get verified and finally get paid. This method is straightforward to use, and you will not need to take a lot of trouble to sell your unwanted subway gift cards. Card Cash is one of the trusted sites, and a lot of people use it every day to sell or purchase gift cards and earn cash. 

4. Raise


This is the last site that would be discussed here to sell your free subway gift cards. You need to follow three easy and simple steps. Find your unwanted gift cards first. The next step is to list for sale, here you need to register your subway gift card and set the price for it. It allows to list unwanted cards of thousands of brands, and it is also free for listing cards for sale. Then wait to get customers and finally get paid through direct deposit cheque or PayPal. This is also a useful site for those who want to sell subway gift cards and earn money. 

These sites will save you significant time from trying hard to get customers who want to buy your unwanted subway gift cards. Everyone can’t have links, which will make the selling process more accessible, so for those, the mentioned sites will come in handy. You can use any of the places you prefer and earn money effortlessly. 

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