Have unused Walmart gift cards? Want money, urgently? Then take your unwanted or unused Walmart gift cards out and give this article a careful read to find out how you can make money. It is always good to utilize the idle things and get some benefits instead of letting them lose their value over time.

You can always have something that might be useful to others or wanted by others to give them those in exchange for some cash. There is nothing free in this world, and asking for money in exchange for something is not bad.

Everyone needs money, and if you need some cash for yourself too, then this article would show you a few routes where you can sell Walmart gift cards to fulfill the needs.  

1. EJ Gift Cards

EJ Gift Cards

This is a site where you can sell your unwanted and unused Walmart gift cards. Put the brand of your card and then give your card details such as dollar amount, meaning current face value. Let the card get added to the order Add Card. The final step would be to enter the pin and all card associated information, and then register and log in.

All left to do is now to begin your PayPal email address, and you can relax until someone wants to purchase your card. This is a great way to earn money effortlessly, so what are you waiting for? 

2. Card Cash


This is another site to help you get money out of your unwanted Walmart gift card. Card Cash has been recognized as the fastest-growing company in e-commerce. It is also known as the most promising company in Forbes’ Most Promising Companies.

This place will sell your gift cards, and this guarantees up to 92% cashback as well. You need to login and start the process of getting the cards ready to get sold. Yet another convenient and effortless way of earning money by selling unused Walmart gift cards. 

3. Raise


Raise is also an excellent site for selling Walmart gift cards. Here you will be needed to complete three simple steps to earn cash. Look for your unwanted gift cards first and then list the Walmart brand, but there can be other brands too. Set the perfect selling price for your Walmart gift card or cards.

The last step is to receive the payment through Paypal, check, or direct deposit, whatever is more convenient for you. There you go, you will be having extra cash in your hands and less clutter in your tables or drawers with unwanted gift cards.   

4. Gift Card Spread


The last one that will be talked about here is the Gift Card Spread site. You can sell Walmart gift cards that are not being used by you or not needed by you.

You might not have a Walmart store close to your house, and that is why you do not go there often, but you have their gift card that you can easily give to someone who needs it. Here, you first need to make an offer, and after that, if your offer gets accepted, you can move forward.

When the site allows your offer, you need to give your ID and credit card details to set payment within 24 hours. Then you will be asked to submit your card information, and finally, you will be able to sell it and earn money. 

Sell your Walmart gift cards now with the help of the sites or platforms mentioned above. Now take out your cards that are not being used and have all the dust piled upon them to sell so that you can get some handful of cash. It is better to put something in use rather than not using it at all.

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