Visa Gift Card 2020: Everything You Need to Know [with Exclusive info]

Visa Gift card is one of the most used gift card in USA and we are pretty much obsessed with such cards because of having such variety of uses both in physical stores and online.

This detail article will give you vast information about the uses and benefits of Visa gift cards along with some cool ways to collect your free visa gift card and more. Some of you may already know about the basics of Visa gift cards and hence you can scroll down to the free gift card claiming strategies or find the best places from where you can buy Visa gift cards at reasonable price (sometimes even at discounted price).

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What is Visa Gift Card?

You can think of Visa gift card as a pre-paid credit holding card that works as wallet while shopping from physical stores or online stores. Visa cards are the most popular transnational debit/credit card in the world and this gift card is a part of Visa. This Visa gift card can be both a physical plastic card of an e-gift card with a unique code. You can use this gift card to give others as a credit value of Visa. They can redeem the credit to their Visa card and use that to make purchase from anywhere they want.

What are the Benefits of Visa Gift Card?

Best us of Visa gift card is definitely gifting others on any occasion. Visa gift card has an advantages over other retail gift cards such as Amazon gift card or Walmart gift card which is it can be redeemed via Visa card and can be used to buy from any online stores. However, Amazon gift cards are confined within Amazon store and so for other retail gift cards. Some surprising benefits of Visa gift card are given below:

  • Gifting others on any type of occasion
  • Storing money for long term
  • Sometime can be sold at high price and make profit
  • Safe to use on unknown platforms (if direct gift card code is applicable)

How to Use Visa Gift Card and Check Balance?

Use of visa gift card is pretty similar to other gift cards. Usually you need to redeem the amount to your Visa card from here and can check balance as well. You can also add visa gift card with your Paypal and use it to make purchase. In rare cases you may find some sites where you can directly use your gift card to make purchase without the help of Paypal or even your actual Visa card. In case you have vast amount of questions inside your mind about Visa gift card, check this F.A.Q list about the commonly faced issues.

3 Ways to get Free Visa Gift Card:

Having your own free Visa gift card is not any day dream. Although there are very few (I mean really few) ways to have gift card from Visa free of cost. I have listed down the most popular ways that people use to claim free Visa gift cards.

1. Join the Giveaway programs:

Joining the giveaway programs is the best way to claim your free Visa gift card because it needs pretty low effort. In case of online giveaways you just need to sign up and go through the process of completing surveys or any other type of tasks. Although winning gift card is not guaranteed but who knows, your luck may work like charm!

2. Collect points and get Visa gift card

The are some AWESOME sites where you can collect points by doing simple tasks like watching videos, filling up surveys, making entry, installing and using apps etc. These points can be converted into free visa gift cards and redeemed very easily. You can start will the popular sites like Prize Rebel or InstaGC.

3. Random Contests

Now a days, there are contests on almost everything. Rising Facebook pages, Instagram profiles and even YouTube channels do arrange small contest and give the winners gift as a form of product, direct cash or desired gift card. So, keep your eyes open for such contests.

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Online Stores to buy Visa Gift Card Instantly:

Just assume that you need Visa gift cards immediately and can't wait for the free one and don't know where to buy at reasonable price. If above mentioned condition applies for you then check out these cool online stores to buy Visa gift cards on demand at time from anywhere.






In case you need more sources to buy gift cards then check out this whole list of online gift card stores.

At this point of my article, hope you got vast amount of information specifically about Visa gift card. Despite my discussion, there should hundreds of questions still hitting your mind. You are most welcome to ask those questions to me using the comment section. Apart from that, if you think I missed something important to mention then please inform me, I will be grateful to you. 

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