If you ask a gamer what they would like to have in their heaven, they may answer with a video game console. As a result of how important a video game console is to them, the Xbox video game system has become one of the most sought-after technologies on the planet.

Since its inception in 2001, this Microsoft creation has left its imprint on the gaming industry in a short period of time. However, from creating revolutionary devices to upgrading new series, Xbox has become one of the most desirable brands in the gaming industry. And to make this journey even more valuable, they are now providing us with some fantastic gift cards.

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So now let’s check out all the questions you might get before investing in one of them. 

Where to get an Xbox gift card?

Though Xbox gift cards are available on several websites, the quickest method to obtain one is via Microsoft. If you reside in the United Kingdom, you will find them on the Microsoft website, as well as on Amazon, Curry’s, and Argos.

They range in price from 10 to 50 euros. However, for residents of the United States, it is available at the Microsoft online shop, as well as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. In addition, customers in the United States can get them for $1 to $100. You can even check out the physical stores of Walmart, Target & Curry’s to get the physical one for yourself.

How to activate an Xbox gift card?

In most cases, you will get a confirmation mail about your e-gift card with an activated code straight away. However, before you forget about your special days, you should plan the gift card for the appropriate day.

Added to that, the plastic card takes at least three business days to arrive by mail, so it would be better to order them at least a few days in advance.

How to use an Xbox gift card?

The best part about this gift card is that it can be used to purchase your favorite games, consoles, TV series, Windows software, and even a PC. As a result, it is unquestionably fantastic value for Xbox fans.

However, to use this gift card, simply log in to your Microsoft account and enter the 25-digit number. The credit has now been deposited into your account, and you can use it to make any purchase on Microsoft, Windows, or Xbox.

How to check an Xbox gift card balance?

The simplest way to verify your remaining balance is to go through their website. However, you can also call their customer support & by providing the details, you can acknowledge your remaining balance.

In order to contact the customer support, check for the number given on the back of your gift card or go through your Microsoft account.

How to send an Xbox gift card to someone?

You can send both the physical and digital Xbox gift card to someone from your Microsoft account. You just need to pick a gift card and choose the amount you want to pay for, and you will find the option where you can input a receiver’s name and mailing address. That’s all my friend! Your gift card will be delivered to your special one.

When will an Xbox gift card expire?

The best part about their cards is that they have no expiration, so you can use them whenever you want to purchase their fantastic assortment.

Where to sell an Xbox gift card?

Raise, a company which is expert at trading your unused gift cards, is quite popular now all over the world. However, there are a lot more websites such as GiftCardio & GiftCardPalace which trade these gift cards at a good deal.

Whether it’s about his favorite games, console, or new PC, we’re sure that everyone will be delighted to receive gifts from you on a yearly basis. And if you’re still not sure, you can always attempt to find a gift card that they’ll like.

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