7 Limited Benefits of Amazon Prime Only Few People are Enjoying

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Want to get your products delivered at your door step within 2 days? 1 day? 2 hours?

Want to enjoy ad-free music from a collection of over two million songs?

Want to get access to lightening deals 30-minute before they go live?

Want to binge-watch your favorite movies and series without interruption?

Want to read a book on its release day? Or even before it has released? Or just read books for free?

Want to save, organize and share your photos in a single place?

Want all this and more…


The answer is – Amazon Prime.


The amount of people shopping online in today’s time is probably the highest it has ever been. Thanks to the availability of products and discounts offered that we can take benefit of with just a click of a button. But shoppers have also become much smarter than before. And I believe I did the smartest thing by subscribing to and using the benefits of Amazon Prime. Why? Because Amazon used to give me the widest array of products and finest discounts but now it gives me a plethora of other amazing options with Amazon Prime – that too for free! I cannot fathom why anyone would leave such an offer. Amazon Prime is the closest you can get to being a super shopper in this age and time and I will tell you why with the help of just 7 simple facts.

#1. It’s Free for Three Months

I know I have been fixating on this a little too much but it is literally not costing you anything to try Amazon Prime for the first three months. It is absolutely free of cost and Amazon gives you an option to cancel the subscription if you do not like it or think it is not beneficial for the kind of shopping you do. So you get all the benefits of Amazon Prime without paying a single penny. Sounds like a win-win to me.

#2. Product on Screen by Day, in your Hands by Night

It might sound like a joke but I kid you not, Amazon Prime lets you get your order delivered within 2 hours. That’s right. 2 hours! Imagine how this changes the whole game of shopping. There was a time when you wanted something urgently and had to run to different shops for it. Now, all you have to do is search for the item online on Amazon, play your Amazon Prime card and get it delivered to you within hours without the hassle of stepping out of your house. Currently, this advantage is only available in a few towns and cities. Check before you order if your area comes under the selected few.

#3. Stream Ad-Free Music; Download Free Music

I know you hate the ads popping between your favorite music as much as I do. And I know you hate downloading a zillion viruses into your mobile along with music download. So, bid goodbye to the ads and stop spending money on downloading the music you love. Enter Prime Music. You get free access to over two million songs on Prime Music and guess what you can download the songs for free too. Amen!

#4. Reading should be Free, and so it is

Much before all these categories popped up on Amazon and made it an all-in-all shopper’s paradise, it was just books. You heard it. Amazon was an online store for books when it started off. So, I’m assuming it has a soft corner for its earliest category. Thus, you get a humongous collection of e-books of all kinds on Kindle. You can read books for free and you can download books for free. It’s like an open-library. And while that was not enough, Amazon also came up with the free release date delivery option where you will get the book you have been waiting for at your door step on the date of its release. Still not enough? Kindle First lets choose one book and read it. That sounds usual. But it’s not. The catch here is that you would have read this book even before its release date. Book lovers rejoice!

#5. Free Movies and Series? Yes, Please!

Prime Video lets you enjoy your favorite movies and sitcoms without paying extra. And mind you, these include Amazon exclusive stuff – the ones you won’t find on any other channel. It’s like the free music and free books was not enough, now you got free movies and TV shows as well. So, start your subscription today and binge-watch that series that you have been wanting to watch since so long (and all your friends are talking about).

#6. Beats Monica Geller in Organizing

I am not good at organizing and honestly I’m the worst at it when it comes to photographs. No matter how sorted you keep them in the beginning, it all gets messed up as you take more pictures. Even a new phone becomes a container of a zillion photographs within a month’s time. And then you just do not know where to begin in order to sort them. Again, Amazon Prime comes to the rescue. Prime Photos let you store an unlimited amount of photos from any device. And the best part, it helps you organize all the mess without you having to tag or categorize each picture. Also, you can add these photos to the Family Vault and share it with your close ones. All your photographs, sorted in one place, to be viewed by the people you love. Bliss!

#7. You are at the Start of the Line for the Deals

If all these were not enough, Amazon Prime also gives you the benefit of early access to the lightening deals that Amazon comes up with each day. It is called the Prime Early Access and it sure will make you feel like a VIP when you will get access to Amazon Prime deals 30 minutes before they are even live.

Amazon Prime basically not just takes care of your shopping needs but also your entertainment needs. This makes Amazon Prime a comprehensive package which actually cares about the things you want and the things you love.

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