17 Proven Hacks to Save Money in 2019 While Shopping from Amazon!!!

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I love my money. Do you?

Opps! sure you do. Although it was an useless question but this article is pretty valuable in terms of saving you own money. Yah, you are reading right; this single post can help you to save $1,000+ every single month that you spent to buy stuffs from Amazon. Almost all of us know about giant online shopping store Amazon but very few people know about the proven hacks that will save your tons of money while doing your shopping from their. Today you will turn from that everyone to someone who like to think beyond normal people.

Let’s jump into the list of tricks that will make your day!

#1. Subscribe and Save

Subscribe and Save is a familiar thing on Amazon and everybody knows how it works. This is an easy way to save money on Amazon. You only need to set the delivery schedule and get a special offer by Subscribe and save. There are thousands of products that you can subscribe and save starting from dog treats, toothpaste, diapers, and much more.

#2. Visiting Todays’ Deals

You can check the Amazon website and check “today’s deals” on the top left side near the Amazon logo. Then, you will be taken to a page that displays some active promotion items or Amazon offers. You can select Gold Box and Lightning Deals but these two offers are limited and only valid for 24 hours.   If you click the Add to Cart Box, then you do not need to type the Amazon promo code to get the discount as long as the purchase is done in a certain time.

#3. Amazon Coupons

Amazon Coupon must be the next good way to save money by getting Amazon discount codes. You can find it on the Submenu on the website and select “Coupons” and then you will be taken to Amazon Coupon pages. After that, you just need to choose the available coupons. The coupons will be arranged according to each category or you can just visit to go to the page directly. These coupons are some product offers by Amazon with special price discounts or buy one get one offer.

#4. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime can be the best choice to get special Amazon offer with a fast shipping process. You can buy a lot of items on Amazon such as streaming content including videos and music or special promos to get 20% off for diapers and new release video games. Luckily, you also have a chance to get Kindle Book freely each month that is given by the Kindle Lending Library.  You can select Amazon Students or Amazon Family for the prime time. Using Amazon Family, you may get 15% off to buy baby registry or 20% off to buy diapers. Another benefit is that you can get a refund when you have signed up for the Prime but your track 30 days trial period is gone. It is also really easy to stop the membership where you only need to click End Membership if you do not want to continue. But, this only works if only you have used Prime services while if you still do not use the service, they will get your money back.

#5. The Discover it Card

Another way to save money while shopping on Amazon is the Discover it Card that may double the cash back that you will get in the first year. You will have a chance to earn 1% on any purchases along with 5% category bonus which you will get each quarter. In this case, there will be no annual fee if you use Discover it Card and you will earn 10% cash back automatically. Many people will say that this card is better than Amazon Credit Card.


#6. Using Amazon App

You can give $5 off to your friends when they make a purchase for the first time using Amazon App that they can install on their smartphones. Not only your friends, but you can also get $5 coupon after your friends purchase for the first time on Amazon using the Ap. You can also ask your friend who has used the APP for promotion code so that he or she will share the code with you. But, you also have to verify your account using your phone number to get the $5 credit.

#7. Reload Your Amazon Credit

When you purchase an item on Amazon using a credit card, the provider or Amazon will pay the credit card several percents in fees. Therefore, you can get a chance to get 2% if you top your credit balance on Amazon by using a checking account. Even though it is just 2%, it is still considered greater than a cash back that you can also earn. Certainly, it will save your money on transaction fees when buying some items on Amazon.

#8. Using ShopTracker

This is a third-party application that you may install on your smartphone or computer and it is connected with Amazon account. You need to download the ShopTracker and then you create an account for the ShopTracker. After that, you need to answer several questions to know whether you have Amazon account. If you have one, then you can sign in using your Amazon account to get a $3 in a VISA gift card form. ShopTracker is an app that will track your shopping behavior to know how actually you purchase something online. The owner, Harris Poll Online, is a popular survey company that works with a lot of companies.

#9. Free Shipping on Amazon

When you use Prime on Amazon, you will have a chance to get free two-day shipping. But, you also still get another Amazon offer so you can get Free No-Rush Shipping but the delivery will take longer. However, you still get a fortune for this offer where you can get a $1 credit to purchase digital videos, ebooks, and much more. You can buy an item one by item and select Free-No Rush Shipping so that you will always get $1 credit on every purchase. If you do not care so much about more boxes, then this way is much better to get more bonuses from Amazon as long as this offer is still available.

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#10. Avoid Sales Tax

Amazon has just built a new warehouse in Maryland which is will be good for the delivery process in the area, but it is not so good for customers. This center will be considered as a nexus where all of the process purchases must sales tax that is about 6% of the purchase. If you do not want to pay this sales tax, then you can just avoid it by buying items from other states third party suppliers who sell their products on Amazon. Besides, you will also get free two-day delivery using Prime but you do not need to pay sales tax because you buy it from a third party supplier from the other states.

#11. EBT Holders Discount

If you have an EBT card or when you get assistance from the government, then you will have an opportunity to receive Amazon Prime for only $5.99 per month where the original cost is $8.25 per month. So, you can save $.2.55 using this EBT card. However, you should not have household sharing so you can get all of the benefits of Prime. Besides, you will only get this offer for four years and you will be checked each year to quality.

#12. Shipping Delays Complain

If you buy an item on Amazon but the item is not on time when it arrives, then you can complain to Amazon. You will get a credit to your Amazon account or you can get a membership extension if you have Prime two-day shipping but the item your purchase does not arrive according to the schedule. This is really good for those who want to take benefit from their mistake but you need to complain first because delay may not be their mistakes. But, if you do not feel bothered by the delay, then it is no big deal if you do not complain.

#13. Price Drop Policy

Suppose you purchase an official product on Amazon but the price drops in one week, then you will earn credit for the replacement. You can contact the Amazon customer care or just use the Live Chat System to complain and send your request. The process is simple enough and you will obtain the credit as the replacement that you can use to purchase other items later. But, you need to keep in mind that it only works on official Amazon items, not other third party sellers.

#14. Amazon Gift Card

You must recently use Visa Gift Card to purchase items on Amazon but the deposit on the gift card is still 50 cents left and you wish to spend every single cent on the gift card. Do not worry because you still have a chance to spend your credit on Visa gift card to purchase Amazon Gift Cards. You can send the code to yourself and copy and paste the code. Finally, the credit will get into your account. Unfortunately, the minimum credit that you can redeem is 50 cent.

#15. Third Party Site Coupons

There are a lot of third party websites that offer Amazon coupon code such as Tech Bargain, RetailMeNot, Deal Coupon,, and Current Code. You can browse those websites in each early month because those Amazon discount codes will be released in the first week in each month. Let us take an example where you can visit You only need to search “Amazon” and the find your Amazon coupon codes.

#16. Reload Bonus Earning

It is relating to Amazon Gift card where you can actually top up the gift card balance. Luckily, you will get extra Amazon credit when you top up but you have to go to the Reload Your Balance page and you can see a banner at the top side. In this case, if you reload the Amazon gift card balance with $100, then you will get $5 bonus if you have never reloaded it before. You can also get 2% reward if you have reloaded before when you reload the gift card using your checking account.

#17. Shop by Department Offer

If you really want to get special Amazon offer on their official website, then you only need to visit Amazon website and select Shop by Department label. After that, you can choose the place where you want to shop and then you can click the Sub-Category page. Lastly, you can find a banner that contains an Amazon offer like “Get 15% off Select Pet Products” or there are other Amazon coupon codes that you can search. Next, you can sign in using your Amazon account and check your email inbox to get a discount on the next purchase. You can read the email every week where there are some links to get a promotional code from Amazon but this offer may be limited so you need to grab the promo codes quickly before they are expired.

Alright, now you are pretty expert in saving your own money and having thinking capability beyond general people. Just having the knowledge won’t save your money, implement what you have just learnt. If there is any other Amazon money hack that I have missed in this article then please let me know via comment section.

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